10 Tips For Guys On How To Show Your Love With Your Actions

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Showing your partner that you love her is probably not as easy as you thought it would be, is it? After all, you wouldn’t be here if it was!

A lot of guys tend to fall back on the chocolate and flowers routine to show their girlfriend or wife that they love them, but these are tried, tested, and they’re pretty old hat. Worse still, they’re routine. It’s just too easy to buy your wife some chocolates to ensure she keeps quiet while you watch the soccer!

Instead, showing your love through actions should be done through simple gestures that mean a lot to any girl. We like to feel loved, and we like to know that you love us, and simple actions really hit the spot. To start showing us, let’s take a look at 10 tips for you on how to show your love with your actions.

1. Tell Her You Love Her

This one isn’t rocket science, but how many times do you really tell your partner that you love her? Now and then?

Telling someone you love them takes no effort, and it’s something you really should do more often. Those three words “I love you” are magic to any woman, and we love hearing them. Saying these more often reassures your partner that you’re still in love with them and want to be with them.

2. Watch Her Favourite TV Shows With Her

Girls like doing things with guys. Men might prefer to play their video games alone and play golf with their buddies, but girls enjoy sharing their interests with their friends. And this includes TV shows.

If she’s got a TV show she’s hooked on but you keep ignoring it, saying you’re busy, it’s time to sit down one night with her and watch it together. Ask her to fill you in on what’s happened so far; take an interest and buy some snacks too. She’ll love it.

3. Make The Bed

If you never make the bed but rely on your partner to do it, it will come as a surprise (and a shock) when you finally do it. More than that, it will also show your partner that you care – and that you love her.

It’s a really simple gesture that says a lot. It says that you do care and respect your shared bed, and that you care and respect her enough that you are – for once – going to take the time to make the bed. It will brighten her day as it will mean she has one less thoroughly boring chore to do today. After you’ve made the bed, make her some coffee too.

4. Switch Off The Game

Yes, we know. There is a game on TV tonight. But is it really that important?

For once, it’s time to switch the game off and spend some quality time with your partner after work. The “game” will always be there (we know that sports go on forever), and although games are seemingly sacred to guys, you can miss one now and then. Doing so will show to your partner that you love her and that she’s more important than catching up on every single game that ever existed.

And no, you can’t check the score every 5 minutes on your phone.

“I was just googling how to cook, honey. I swear!”

5. Cook Dinner

So now that you’ve been googling how to cook as opposed to finding out how the Dolphins are getting on, it’s time to put your new skills to the test: Yes, guys, it’s time to roll your sleeves up, get in that strange room called The Kitchen, and cook you and your partner dinner.

No toast, no cereal, no pop tarts; dinner.

A woman will treasure you forever if you’re kind and caring enough to cook her dinner every now and then. She doesn’t ask that you cook all the time, but she does ask that you treat her with a delicious, loving meal.

6. Tell Them To Make Your Plans

If date night is coming up, or if you’ve both got a weekend free, why don’t you suggest to your partner that, for once, she makes the plans? And whatever she plans, you’ll go along with it.

Even if she plans to go shopping, line-dancing, horse-riding or to see her family, you will willingly and smilingly go along with it. After all, she has interests that she wants to share and enjoy with you. So it’s time to loosen up and show her that you really do want to find out more about what makes her happy.

7. Make Her Breakfast In Bed

Now that you’re already The World’s Best Cook, it’s time to make her breakfast in bed.

This is a treat she will love, and it will confirm in her mind that you really do love her. There is simply no better way to start a day off work than being treated to breakfast in bed. Make sure that you include all her favourite breakfast foods and drink, as well as a few slices of toast.

8. Complete That Chore She’s Been Asking You To Do For Ages

Women seem to be forever asking their men to fix this and mend that for them. And it always seems as though we have to ask you a hundred times to put up some shelves before you actually do it.

So now is the time to finally complete that chore your partner has been asking you to do for ages. This will make her so happy and she might even treat you to a hearty dinner afterwards too. (Though completing the chore should be a totally selfless act and you shouldn’t except any rewards!)

9. Hang Out With Her Friends

Girls want you to get along with her friends. If you don’t, they face hell from their buddies who are always asking, “Why doesn’t he like us? What’s wrong with him? Why won’t he hide us? I saw him at the mall yesterday and he pretended he was someone else!”

It’s super important to your partner that you get along with her friends. So man up and suggest that you all hang out together.

10. Compliment Her

Simple, so effective – but so often neglected. Yup, it’s time to start sending more compliments her way.

Women dress up for a reason; they want to look good for their man, they want to feel attractive. And the only way they can be sure that they’re attractive to you is if you tell them. So tell her!

Stay happy!

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