10 Things Girls Love To Be Complimented On

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So, your girl has been saying to you recently that you never compliment her. It’s okay; guys hear this often. Girls love to be complimented; it reassures us that you really do love us and that you’re in it for the long haul. It makes us feel good, and it justifies all the effort we have made to look nice for you.

But okay, so your partner has asked for more compliments. So now comes the Big Question: What do you compliment her on?! Do you say she has nice teeth, a nice smile, a nice left eyebrow (but you’re not sure about the right one), nice legs, a nice kneecap, nice feet …?!

Well, to help you out, let’s take a look at the top 10 things girls love to be complimented on.

How Much She Can Eat

This one sure does sound rather odd; after all, don’t girls hate to be told that they eat too much? Won’t they feel like they’re pigging out and embarrassing themselves in front of their date?!

Well, actually, you’ll find that most girls love their food, and many probably eat just as much as you do. It’s just that they’re scared to admit it, just in case they get accused of pigging out and being a fatty on the inside.

Compliment her on her ability to finish off her grub, though, and she’ll love you forever.

Her Voice

No, girls don’t dwell on their voices all that much. But everyone has insecurities, and often one of the biggest insecurities is our voice.

Particularly if a girl has a deeper voice, or a huskier voice, she might be a little bit wary of what other people think of it. Complimenting her on her voice will go a long way to making her feel awesome about herself.

Hopefully it won’t come with any awkward repercussions, such as she now wants to be a singer.

Her Intelligence

Hey, girls are not just pretty faces. We have brains too, and we like to be complimented on our smartness!

Girls do like to be complimented on their looks, but they also want to be complimented on their intelligence. It’s important that they’re seen as your equal and that they know you respect their brains. They want to have substance for you and not just sexiness. Reassure your girl that she’s got everything you want by reminding her that you’re always in awe of her wisdom.

The Way She Looks Tonight

Girls go to a lot of effort to look nice for their man, so it often makes them feel down in the dumps when he doesn’t say anything about her fab new dress. It says to her that he isn’t all that interested, and that he wouldn’t even be too bothered if she turned up wearing just a bag.

Because girls go to lots of effort to look nice for you, you need to make sure she knows it was all worth it by paying her a compliment about her dress, makeup and hair tonight. Tell her she looks radiant; ask her if it’s a new dress; tell her you like her taste in colours and that she always gets it right.

That She’s Fun To Be Around

No girl wants to be a bore. If any girl senses that she is boring her friends and boyfriend, she’s going to get down about it – even if the opposite is true.

The thing is, although she might be fun to be around, and although you might really enjoy her company, she isn’t going to truly know it unless you say something! So if you really do think your girl is tops when it comes to fun, let her know.

Her “Things”

If she has kids, a home, a few pets, a garden et cetera, compliment her on these things. Tell her what an awesome job she has done at raising her children, or that you just love what she’s doing with her home.

Her Career

You might think that only a handful of (weird) people actually enjoy their work, but the truth is that a high number of girls take their career very seriously, and work hard to be somebody.

If you know that your girlfriend takes pride in her work, and it’s obvious that she actually enjoys her job, you should let her know how proud you are of her. Tell her that she’s doing great, and that her dedication to her work is one of the things you love about her. Compliment her work ethic and tell her you admire the direction her career is going in.

Her Cooking Skills

As any girl will tell you, she puts a lot of effort into trying to get her cooking skills up to scratch. She knows you’ve enjoyed lots of delicious meals cooked up by your mother, and she knows that to impress you her own skills have to match up to the incredible standards set by good old mom.

After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. By complimenting a girl on her culinary skills, you’ll make her feel awesome. No girl wants to feel unsure about her cooking; she wants to know that she’s doing the right thing and rustling up some awesome meals for her partner.

Her Mental Strength

Girls work hard, and sometimes they need a lot of mental strength just to see them through the day. It might be that the girl in your life has to perform a juggle act between raising a kid by herself, studying at night college, paying the bills, cooking dinner, as well as going to her place of work.

If you can see that she’s doing all this with pride, determination and great stamina, compliment her on her mental strength. Tell her that you admire all that she does and that perhaps you’re not even half the person she is!

Oh, Just Tell Her You Love Her!

Nothing makes a girl feel as amazing as being told that you love her. If you can’t think of anything else to say to her, just reassuring her of your love could be the biggest compliment you could pay anyway.

Stay happy!

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