What your shoes say about you?

Most men don’t understand a woman’s love of shoes, but apparently they do take a lot of notice of what you wear on your feet. When a guy looks you up and down and checking you out, it’s not only your physical assets that he’s looking at; he’s also judging you on your choice of footwear. We’re not making this up. A study conducted by the University of Kansas found that people are able to accurately judge another person’s personality by just looking at their shoes. If you ever wondered what men are thinking when they look at your feet, here is what your shoes say about you.

1. Bright colours

Brightly coloured shoes, not surprisingly, show that you are outgoing, playful, and a bit of a risk taker. If you are wearing brightly coloured pumps or sandals, though, for some reason, that can give the impression that you are a bit too outgoing and can be a lot of hard work. That’s great if you meet a guy that’s prepared for a high maintenance girl, but not such good news if you meet a man who is on the quieter side.

2. Sneakers

You might have thought that the sneakers would tell a man that you are laid back and easy going, but it turns out that wearing sneakers will make men think you are always on the go and physically fit. Guys will assume that you are on your way to play a game of tennis, or going out for a run. Sneakers say that you are a lady of action.

3. Heels

Do you like to wear high heels? What your shoes say about you? Heels actually give out a mixed message and can be interpreted in one of two ways. Some men will see heels as a sign of power and a dominating personality, while others will see them as sexy and a sign of a woman’s willingness to please. It seems, then, you just can’t be sure with heels just what message you are giving out!

4. Flats

Flats, on the other hand, are pretty clear cut. They are practical and sensible and are favoured by academic women. In one study of American female academics, it was noted that the brainy women deliberately stayed away from heels, because they thought that heels look frivolous and made them look less intelligent.

5. Lace up stilettos

Lace up stilettos; they say just one thing to a man, so if you are looking to grab some attention and make pulses race, then these are the shoes for you. When a man sees a pair of lace up stilettos he thinks of sex on legs and not much else, so they are probably not the best choice if you want a man to engage with your intellectual side.

6. Low heels and wedges

While flats are said to be a sign of practicality and even intelligence, low heels and wedges could be seen as an indication of insecurity. If you like wearing low heels and wedges, here is what your shoes say about you: they might be saying that you want to look taller and sexier, but that you don’t quite have the confidence to pull off the high heels. It’s a kind of middle of the road, safe, option, that expresses your quiet and reserved nature.

7. High heeled sandals

It seems that the amount of skin you are prepared show with your shoes demonstrates how you feel about your body. Open toed, high heeled sandals are supposed to suggest a woman that is confident about her body and would be relaxed about being seen naked.

8. Ballet flats

If you are wearing ballet flats then that tells everyone that you are a laid back, down to earth person who puts comfort above style. If you wear flip flops around town, then that could be saying that you are too laid back. Flip flops worn anywhere else but on the beach, suggest that you are happy to grab anything to put on your feet and that is probably the free thinking way that you approach other things in life too.

9. Designer pumps

If you wear expensive designer pumps, then here is what your shoes say about you: you are showing people that you are prepared to invest in your appearance. If you wear them to work, then you are telling your workmates that you take your job seriously.

10. Your shoes can even give away your politics

If you thought that you keep your political views a secret, then be wary of the shoes you wear, because they can give you away on this one too. If you wear well-worn, cheap shoes, that is likely to be telling people you are a liberal. If you wear immaculately cared for, expensive foot wear, then that says that you are a conservative. Who would have thought that your choice of shoes could give so much away about your personality?

What your shoes say about you?

Stay beautiful!

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