What to wear with light blue jeans?

Blue jeans are the staple causal wear for most people, but jeans don’t go with everything, especially light wash jeans. Light jeans have a more casual look than the darker colours and you do need to think more about what colours and what styles will work well with them. Here are some tips for you to think about that will help you decide what to wear with light blue jeans.

1. Avoid the autumnal colours

You can, of course, wear light blue jeans any time of the year, but they do have a certain summery feel to them. Perhaps that’s why a lot of people say that light blue, faded jeans don’t really go so well with autumn colours, such as deep browns, oranges and greens, because the light, powder blue, clashes with colours like these.

2. But, you can still wear them in the colder months

Having said that light blue jeans have the feel of summer about them, plenty of big name celebrities can be seen wearing them in the autumn and winter, you just have to be a bit more careful with the colours you choose than you would be with dark blue jeans. Light blue denim can in fact look really striking when paired with a chunky sweater or a heavy coat.

3. A soft and sweet look

One look that light blue skinny jeans will definitely create for you is the soft and sweet, ladylike look. Pair you powder blue denim with a pink T-shirt, white belt and a pair of white heels, or pink flats, and you will have a true girl look that will be just right spring, or the early months of the summer.

4. Double denim

If you wear a dark denim jacket and dark jeans, it can be just way to much blue jean but, if you wear light blue jeans and a dark blue denim top or jacket, that creates really cool looking denim on denim look. The real trick to pulling off a double denim outfit is to have that contrast between the top and the bottoms, and light blue jeans are just the thing for that.

5. The rocker look

If you want an edgier look, then try pairing a pair of light straight cut jeans with a vintage T-shirt and a leather jacket. It’s a great way to bring a vintage 1950s look into the twenty first century and it will have you looking like a rock star.

6. Match with pastels

For a gentler look, pastels and the lighter shades will always be a winner with light blue jeans. Peach, pink, butter yellow and lavender will create a beautifully feminine and soft look. Try your light blue jeans with a pastel coloured button-down blouse and then round off the outfit with a belt and metallic, shiny accessories.

7. The 1970s look

What to wear with light blue jeans? Try the 1970 look. Light coloured jeans were huge in the 1970s, so they will go great with any 70s inspired outfit. One to try for the summer is light blue jeans paired with a loose fitting, white eyelet blouse and a pair of flats.

8. Wear them with black

If you have a really light pair of blue jeans, then black can make a wonderful contrast to wear with them. All you need to make light blue jeans look really classy are a pair of black (or brightly coloured) shoes and a black Top. Then you can add a black belt and classy accessories to complete the ensemble.

9. Wear them with a navy blazer

Light blue jeans are considered by many people to look too casual for office wear, even on dress down day, but you can dress up a pair of light blue jeans with a tailored navy blue blazer. Blazers are so versatile and you can wear them with many different outfits, including jeans. A blazer adds a certain style and elegance to light blue jeans and makes them look just a little bit dressier.

10. Try them with bright colours

Why not throw caution to the wind and try a playful look with light blue jeans and brightly coloured tops. Some people say that you should stick with pastels and neutral colours, because too much colour with light blue jeans can look a bit dated or even childish. If you keep the cut and pattern of your top simple, though, and you don’t have too many embellishments, like ruffles, then a bright coloured top can work really with light jeans. Bear in mind, though, that light blue jeans do highlight what you wear on your feet as well, so you don’t want to have your boots clash with your top.

What to wear with light blue jeans? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!


  1. Divya
    June 18, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Hi beauty tips team, can u tell me what colour tops matches with black jeans and dark blue jeans ??

    • Beauty And Tips
      June 19, 2018 at 2:22 pm

      Hi Divya, thank you for your question. Black jeans and dark blue jeans go well with the following top colours: white, red, black, grey, pink and different shades of blue. If you feel a little adventurous, then yellow, bright green and orange can also work 🙂 We hope this helps. Have a lovely day! 😉

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