10 Tips on how to wear blue jeans elegantly 

A pair of blue jeans is probably the one single item of clothing that everyone owns. What was once a sign of anti-establishment rebellion has now become a staple worn by just about everyone, regardless of their different personal styles. Where would we be without jeans? They are comfortable to wear, easy to look after and, paired with the right outfit and accessories, they can  be as good for a day in the office, as they are for a day relaxing at home. Blue jeans are here to stay. They will never get boring and they will never go out of style. Whether your blue jeans are skinny, flared or distressed, here are ten great ways to wear them elegantly and add your own touch of uniqueness to your wear-anywhere jeans.

1. Straight-Leg Jeans with heels

When you’ve got a great brand new pair of heels to wear, roll up the ankles of a pair of classic straight leg blue jeans and show off those heels in style. It’s a great way to tone down what might otherwise look a little bit of a mismatch between formal and casual.

2. Skinny jeans and thigh length boots

Get the ‘Pretty Woman’ look, by pairing your skinny or straight leg jeans with a pair of thigh high boots. It’s the perfect way to add drama to your look and the guys just love those boots too. For a great, relaxed, daytime look, try matching your blue jeans and thigh length boots with a long, chunky cardigan and a cuffed shirt.

3. Cuffed jeans and ankle boots

You can give a pair of straight jeans a completely new look by not tucking them into your ankle boots, but cuffing them just above the boots instead. It looks fanatic when you pair this with black boots and a black leather jacket. It’s very reminiscent of the old rocker style, but it works just as well, in a softer way, with beige boots or brown.

4. Classic blue jeans and camel wool coat

You can achieve a really classy look with a combination of a good pair of classic blue skinny jeans and a tailored, camel wool coat. You can complete the chic, cool look with a jacquard print shirt, oversize leather handbag and a pair of statement sunglasses.

5. Jeans and ankle strap shoes

How about trying skinny jeans with ankle strap shoes? This looks just fabulous with 70s style platform shoes and a big, loose fitting blouse. If you have platforms with fabric ties, you could follow the lead of Stella McCartney and tie the straps over the top of your jeans.

6. Achieve a polished look with blue jeans

While we are on the subject of following other people’s lead; how about trying the Pippa Middleton’s look with jeans? She has been seen in a wonderful combo of straight leg blue jeans, a bright pink top, a tailored blue blazer and black shoes. It sounds like quite a mixture of colours, but it looked pretty and well balanced.

7. Cuffed jeans and socks

When the weather gets a bit too cold to have a draft around your ankles; try cuffing your jeans and wearing them with a pair of brightly coloured socks and booties. You can either coordinate the look by wearing socks the same colour as your top, or contrast the colours for something a bit different and more striking.

8. Double denim

Double denim does work, just add some colour to it and it looks great. Skinny jeans and a chambray top can be worn all year round and look especially good with a splash of colour from a cardigan. You can also change this, fairly basic look into something special by carrying a large white, over-shoulder bag with you.

9. High waist jeans

You can bring back the 70s sleek style with high waist flared blue jeans. Claudia Schiffer pulls off the look nicely by keeping her outfits simple. She often wears classic dark blue jeans, a solid colour blouse and then she adds a sophisticated touch to the look with a brightly coloured bag. She also keeps the look neat by always tucking her blouse into her jeans.

10. Add colour to jeggings

For absolute comfort, but with a lot more style than leggings and a sweatshirt, match your indigo jeggings with a loose fitting button down shirt with a cheerful and bright print, and a pair of brightly coloured flats. It creates a relaxed, casual look, but it will still be smart enough to wear around town.

Stay beautiful!

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