What to wear with dark blue jeans? 

Classic dark blue jeans, skinny, boot cut, or flared…everyone has at least one pair in their closet, don’t they? You can dress them up, dress them down, they’re easy to care for and comfortable to wear. Jeans have become one of the most commonly worn garments in the world and everyone, regardless of their social status, wears them. Jeans started out as workers clothes and then, through the 1950s and 1960s, they became a fashion statement, and now they are a staple of just about everyone’s wardrobe. Except, that is, in North Korea, where, believe it or not, wearing blue jeans is a criminal offence! So, what to wear with dark blue jeans? In honour of the classic dark blue jeans, here are ten outfit ideas to spice up your dark blue denim.

1. Roll them up with heels

When you’ve got a new pair of heels you want to show off, roll up the bottoms of your straight leg dark blue jeans and let those heels be seen. It creates a wonderfully chic style and it’s not too preppy. Add a plain white shirt and brown leather jacket and you have a relaxed, but stylish, look.

2. Double denim

Double denim is never too much denim, so long as you wear different shades. Skinny dark blue jeans with a light blue chambray top is a great look for the summer and will look even more special if you add a pop of colour with a bright bag or jacket. Use colour wisely and you can change what would otherwise be a basic looking outfit into something a bit more special.

3. Pink tops

what to wear with dark blue jeans? Wear a pink top! Nothing adds a bit of femininity to a pair of jeans quite like a pretty pink top. It’ such a simple outfit, but it makes a wonderful combo. A pretty pink top just seems to take the hard edges off a pair of dark blue jeans and, if you pair that with a pair of heels, you get a super-sexy and stylish look.

4. Skinny jeans and boots

If you want to add a bit of drama to your skinny or straight cut blue jeans, then try wearing a pair of thigh high leather boots over them. As we get closer to the spring, dark blue jeans, thigh length boots and long chunky cardigan, will be just right for those days when it’s still a bit chilly, but not quite cold enough for a heavy coat.

5. Jeans and a trench coat

This is a classic pairing that will never go out of style. Blue jeans and a trench coat matched with flats and a statement bag provide a casual, girl about town look that is relaxed and stylish. It’s one of those easy looks that take no time at all, but you know will look fantastic.

6. Poncho and fedora

Take a leaf out of the style book of the English model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and try pairing your classic dark blue jeans with a poncho and fedora. This would be a wonderful outfit for travelling because it’s just such an easy way to dress up a pair of plain jeans and cover up a creased top.

7. Stripes and jeans

Take a striped tank top and a pair of baggy dark blue jeans and you have a wonderful casual summer outfit. If you want to dress it up a little and make it look chic, put on a pair of stylish sandals and add accessories like chunky bracelets and a statement necklace. That way you can make a simple outfit look quite remarkable.

8. Leopard print

What to wear with dark blue jeans? Leopard print. Animal prints can look stylish with blue jeans too, so break out the leopard print blouse and make a statement. Whatever you wear with jeans, it’s the accessories that can really make the outfit. Think about coordinating the shoes, the bag and the  bracelets you wear with jeans and then you can stand out from everyone else who is wearing denim.

9. Tartan blouse

A tartan blue with classic blue jeans will work for most occasions. It’s one of those ageless preppy styles that’s prefect for the spring. If you want to upgrade the look a little, try adding a pair of brightly coloured pumps to make it a bit trendier.

10. Burgundy blazer

A burgundy blazer goes so well with a pair of dark blue jeans. It’s not too dressy and it’s not too casual; it’s just right down the middle. Wear it with a plain white blouse, a pair of heels and a clutch bag and you’re good to go. Any kind of blazer worn with jeans will always add an element of class and style to an every day casual look.

What to wear with dark blue jeans? What are your best style tips?

Stay beautiful!

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