Top 10 online shopping tips you need to know about

Even today, many people don’t like to shop online. There is the fear of fraud, the fear of handing over hard earned money, only to receive sub-standard goods and, for some, there is simply the fear of all things technical. Shopping online, however, is a growing phenomenon. You can get some fantastic bargains and you can find makeup, shoes and clothes that you would never find in the conventional stores. All you need to do is follow these basic tips and you too could be safely surfing the net for incredible offers and becoming a successful online shopper:

1. Stick to the well-known online stores

The easiest way to stay safe online is to stick to the well-known sites and brands. Most big retailers now have online stores and you will find that buying online, even from the big stores, is a lot more cost effective, than buying the same item, physically from the store. They will generally also have more lines in stock online too.

2. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is

Common sense would tell you that you are not going to find a Louis Vuitton bag for $1.99. If you do find an offer on a website that just looks so incredible, and you can’t believe your luck, then the best thing is to stay well clear.

3. Shop around and compare

One of the biggest advantages of internet shopping is that you can easily compare prices. Always check out other sites to compare the price and don’t be tempted to buy from the first site that you come across. The bargains are out there, all you have to do is find them.

4. Read the customer reviews

Read the customer reviews to get an overall idea of what other people have said about a product. Be wary though of the overly glowing reviews, especially on sites like eBay. The seller of a product will often post their own glowing reviews!

5. Read the returns policy

The big downside of buying things like clothes and shoes online is, of course, that you can’t try things on. Always read the returns policy carefully to make sure that you can send the products back, if you are not happy with them or if they don’t fit.

6. Check the size chart carefully

Not all clothing sizes are the same, so check the exact measurements size chart to make sure that any clothes you buy will actually fit you.

7. Try before you buy

If you find an item that you want at a great price online, then you can always visit a conventional store to have a look at the real thing, before you buy online. That way you can check it for fit and colour and then, go back at home and buy it at the cheapest price online.

8. Use credit cards rather, than debit cards

In most countries, you have far more protection, when you buy using a credit card, than you do when using a debit card on your checking account. Credit cards are covered by consumer credit legislation, so you will be covered against fraud or non-delivery.

9. Check the product description

Don’t be taken in by the glossy, supermodel, photo; check the detailed product description too. By far the majority of the online stores are perfectly legitimate and honest, but they are trying to sell to you as many things as possible, so check the product details carefully, before you buy. Is that brass clasp on that beautiful handbag really made of brass? Or is it made of ‘brass effect’ plastic?

10. Keep all your receipts and order confirmations

Always keep all the correspondence and order confirmation references that you receive. Without the proper documentation and reference numbers, it is unlikely that will get a refund if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

What are your favorite online shopping tips?

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