Top 10 fashion tips for women with small breasts

A lot of fashion tips for woman with smaller breasts seem to revolve around making their breasts look larger than they really are, rather than embracing the body that you have. Women with smaller breasts actually have the advantage over big busted girls, because they can choose from a far wider range of different style of clothes. If you are looking to make the most out of your flat chested figure, then here are ten fashion tips for women with small breasts.

1. Flash some skin

Cleavage is not the only skin that can look seductive, so be prepared to bare some other areas of skin to create a gorgeous look. A girl with small breasts doesn’t have to worry so much about straps and support, so going backless is a much easier option. One-shoulder tops and halter necks are another way of revealing some smooth skin that a small breasted woman can get away with.

2. Emphasise the waist

You can create an amazing silhouette by wearing clothing that emphasises your slim waistline. Choose outfits the clinch in at the waist; it will look amazing and feminine, and it will make your bust look larger.

3. Wear higher necklines

There have been many famous beautiful women with small breasts and one of those was Jackie Onassis. Follow her example and wear high neck tops like crew necks or boat necks. High necked tops draw the attention to your face, whereas a V necked top, will draw attention your bust.

4. But, plunging necklines can look great too!

If you have small breasts, while high necklines look cool and sophisticated, you can also wear plunging necklines that many other girls can’t pull off. Try wearing evening gowns that really flaunt your chest with slashes that go all the way down the waist, or for the more casual look, try shirts unbuttoned really low.

5. Use colours

The colours of the clothes that you wear can make a big difference too. If you do want to make your top half look larger, then choose brightly coloured clothes for the top and darker colours under the waist. This will fence the smaller bust and draw attention towards your face.

6. Wear wide belts

Another way to enhance the appearance of the bust is to wear tight, wide belts. Wide belts can be worn with all types of outfits and, if you pull them in tight, they will create a wonderful silhouette and emphasise your trim figure.

7. Accessorise

You can add the illusion of more size to your chest by using accessories and wearing tops with frills, pleats or ruffles. You could also wear layered scarves over a plain top to add some volume, or wear chunky statement necklaces, that hang down to your bust-line.

8. Try sheer fabrics

Small breasts also mean that you can wear sheer fabrics too, without having to worry about the straps of a bra showing. Wearing a statement bra under sheer fabric, or a slip, is also a good idea or, if you are feeling more daring, wear nothing underneath and let the nipples show through the fabric.

9. Make your shoulders and arms the focus of attention

You can also draw attention away from your bust by making the arms and the shoulders the focus of attention. Wear tops that have high necklines and shirt sleeves, or tee-shirts, for example, and that will draw attention to your upper body, but not your chest.

10. Wear flared trousers

Another way to accentuate the waist is to wear flared trousers. A pair of flares, with a tight waist, will make your waist appear even narrower and the bust larger and it will create a well-balanced silhouette.

Do you have other fashion tips for women with small breasts?

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