Top 10 color trends for spring summer 2014

Colors, like skirt lengths, come and go with the seasons and sometimes, fashion houses around the world come up with some fantastic names for colors like Celosia orange and Radiant orchid. So, to cut through the fashion worlds flamboyant names for colors, we give you the top ten color trends for spring and summer of 2014, as predicted by Pantone:

1. Pair soft pastels with vivid colors

1 Pastel and bright colors

Color equilibrium is the phrase of 2014 with a mixture of bright and vivid colors with gentler, pastel shades. It is apparently inspired by the natural look of flowers: a few bright ones, amongst the softer shades of the rest.

2. Sand color

Sand color

A toasted and friendly looking light shade, sand, is being used to offset the brighter colors. A relatively neutral color, sand is a great contrast to the bright, bold tones and it creates a wonderful contrast.

3. Hemlock color

Hemlock color

The summery, natural green of hemlock looks like spring leaves against the brighter floral colors. This is the perfect backdrop for the contrasting, natural look of summer 2014.

4. Paloma color

Paloma color

Cutting through the fashion hype, Paloma is a light grey. It is one of those classic colors that can look fantastic on its own or with a bright dash of color to add sophistication and poise.

5. Radiant Orchid color

Radiant Orchid color

The color of the spring for 2014, Radiant Orchid is a warm purple shade that appears in fabrics, makeups and shoes. It is a fuchsia shade of purple, tinged with a hint of pink, which is said to emanate health and joy.

6. Celosia orange color

Celosia Orange color

This subtle shade of orange, reminiscent of the setting summer sun, can be paired with other summer tones, such as violet to create the perfect feel of summer. The, pumpkin puree like color is subdued enough to be combined with brighter colors for a beautiful and contrasting look.

7. Cayenne red color

Cayenne red color

A spicy red color, Cayenne red, set against the neutral color of sand makes a fabulous and feminine combination. This summer is all about the natural look of flowers and this shade certainly meets that criteria.

8. Placid blue color

Placid blue color

Placid blue, is a serene and natural, sky blue. Another one of nature’s backdrop colors, it can be used a background color or as an accent to other shades. It’s a soothing color that works just as well as on its own, as it does with most other tones, and with black and white.

9. Freesia color

Freesia color

Freesia is a dramatic, sun kissed yellow that is another of Pantones’ top colors for 2014. The tropical flower inspired shade is a blazing yellow, filled with energy and warmth, worn mostly by girls with dark hair.

10. Dazzling blue color

Dazzling blue color

A favourite at the fashion shows, Dazzling blue has been described as a cobalt blue and is closer the blue of the ocean, than it is to the paler  blue of a summer sky. Dazzling blue can be worn by a girl of any hair color, eye color or complexion and it will look fantastic. It is, as the name suggests, simply dazzling.

What are your favorite colors that you love to wear this summer?

Feel free to share your thoughts and fashion tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful and happy!

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