10 Timeless fashion trends that are still hot today

Fashion trends come and go so quickly, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. While you are busy working out what’s in and what’s out, what was in, has already gone out! But, as people in the fashion business say: ‘While trends fade, style lasts forever’, and that’s why some of what once was a trend has lasted the distance and is still as hot today as it always was. We are talking about the old faithful staples that will never go out of style and, if you have some of these in your closet, you will never be short of something to wear. Here are ten timeless pieces that will always be in style.

1. Leather jacket

Once seen as a symbol of rebellion, the leather jacket has become a classic staple of the causal wardrobe. It’s comfortable, warm and it will keep the rain off too. A leather jacket provides an edgy, cool look that will always be in, whatever other trends may be going on in the world of fashion. The other great thing about a leather jacket is that they last forever and they always look great. If anything, they get better with age.

2. Little black dress

The LBD is the classic amongst classics and is probably the longest lasting timeless fashion “trend” that there has ever been. Ever since Coco Chanel came with her first little black dress in the 1920s, it’s been a steady feature of every discerning girl’s wardrobe. The LBD is so versatile; you can wear it just about anywhere and pair it with no end of a different kind of accessories. Look after your little black dress and it will be your saviour in many “I have nothing to wear” days.

3. Statement jewellery

A single piece of statement jewellery can transform any look, so make sure that you have at least one on your collection.  Whether it be a large, chunky necklace, vintage earrings or bright sparkling bracelets, statement jewellery gives you the chance to stamp your own identity on any outfit. The advice from fashion experts, though, is not to overdo it; one piece of statement jewellery is usually enough.

4. A pair of well fitted jeans

A list of fashion trends that will never die could not be complete without mentioning the classic, well fitted, blue jeans. Everyone from Marylyn Monroe to Victoria Beckham has been seen in jeans and, while styles of jeans may have changed over the years, the basic, tight fitting jeans are still the best. Who’d have thought that trousers, originally worn by Italian sailors, would have become such a worldwide fashion phenomenon?

5. Oversized sunglasses

This is not the article to tell you how sunglasses protect your eyes; this one is about how great sunglasses look. A pair of oversized sunglasses looks so trendy and sophisticated and they add a bit of drama too. Just check out all the Hollywood stars that sport big sunglasses and you’ll understand why they are here to stay.

6. The tailored blazer

Inspired by menswear, the tailored blazer has become another one of those classic fashion items that never seems to go out of style. It will be smart enough to wear to work and it will look great with a pair of jeans too. A blazer is the perfect item for dressing up an outfit and it works for daywear, as well as in the evenings.

7. A plain white T-shirt

You really can’t go wrong with a classic white T. It will look great with your statement necklace, jeans and oversize sunglasses. Don’t just settle for any old white T-shirt, though. They may be inexpensive, and you may be able to buy them anywhere, but it’s well worth taking a bit of time and trying a few on before you decide on the one that is right for you.

8. A trench coat

A well-tailored trench coat is another iconic trend that will always look good and they are so practical. There are lots of different colours and styles available, but for a classic look that will go anything and last forever, get a tailored style in a neutral colour, like tan or camel. That way, if it looks like rain, you’ll always be able to grab your trusty trench coat, whatever outfit you are wearing.

9. Black pumps

From a day at the office to a date night, a pair of black pumps will see you through it all. It doesn’t really matter what other trends come and go, they’ll all look good with black pumps. If you are looking for shoes that will remain timeless, go for a pair of black pumps with a closed, almond shaped toe. They will always be in fashion.

10. White button-up blouse

If you are looking for a top that will go with anything you can’t go wrong with a white button-up shirt. Clean and stylish, it will look great with a blazer or you could wear it with shorts in the summer. Get a tailored button-up shirt, one that comes in at the waist, and it will create a wonderful look with almost anything.

Stay happy!

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