The most expensive fashion brands you may never have heard of

Most people will have heard of the big names like Gucci, Amani, Chanel and Dior, because they have been at the top of the luxury fashion market for so long, but the big names aren’t the only brands that the rich and famous spend their money on. The world’s wealthiest people are always looking for something a little bit different, exclusive and something that no one else has, so some brands, though extremely expensive, don’t get so much public attention as the more well-known ones do. Take a peek into the world of the super-rich, with these ten exclusive fashion brands that you may have never heard of and certainly won’t have seen in your local store.

1. Balmain

If you want to shop at the Balmain Fashion House you will have to have very deep pockets indeed. The fashion house was founded by Pierre Balmain who learned his trade working in his mother’s fashion boutique in the 1920s. They now sell a full range of clothing and accessories, but one of their most expensive items was a crocodile skin jacket that would set you back $74,000!

2. Salvatore Ferregamo

It is said that every celebrity has a pair of Salvatore Ferregamo shoes in their wardrobe and that no red carpet event is complete without an appearance of a Ferregamo creation. They have been supplying shoes to celebrities for years, from Marylyn Monroe, through to Lady Gaga. They are best known for making luxury shoes from natural materials, like wood and cork, and are renowned for their artistic craftsmanship.


3. Vetements

Vetements is a relatively new fashion house that has taken the celebrity world by storm with their grunge inspired range of clothing. Already the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are singing their praises and the brand is making its mark on the runways around the world too. The brand’s signature style is based on a street look and they make great use of patchwork denim in their creations.

4. August Fifteenth

August Fifteenth is an American brand that was founded by the designer Designer Kazushi Ota. He named his company after two important events that occurred on August fifteenth. It was the first day of Woodstock in 1969 and it was the last day of the Second World War in 1945. He made his name designing workwear inspired clothing, at distinctly non-workwear prices.

5. Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is a designer of clothes for the likes of Madonna, Jon bon Jovi and Jenifer Lopez. His ranges of bold and slightly unusual clothes are some of the most expensive in the world. His highly distinctive creations usually mix up materials like feathers, denim and leather. He is seen by many as the fashion designer for the very elite and his creations are a status symbol of success.

6. Fendi

You may have heard of Fendi, but before they went multinational in 2001, they were relatively unknown to all those but the wealthiest of people. They now make profits of over $1 billion a year and are best known for their high end range of handbags, furs and ready-to-wear clothing. In their shows, they make an impact by mixing classic pieces with more unusual ones.

7. Oscar De La Renta

Oscar de la Renta is one of the biggest makes in the luxury designer market and the designer, who passed away in 2014, was the man who dressed First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s. Although the brand name may not be as well-known as some, the company is still one of the leading high-end fashion houses for formal evening wear and wedding dresses.

8. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is quite a well-known name today, but it wasn’t so long ago that he was virtually unknown. Until 2013, Marc Jacobs was the creative director at Louis Viton, but, when he split from the company, many said that his creations were relatively uninspired. Since then, he has revamped his style with bold shapes and fishnet styles. He may not create pieces that will become timeless classics, but he can now count many celebrities amongst his customers.

9. Vivienne Westwood

If you are British, then you may well have heard of Vivienne Westwood. She first gained fame as the designer who made the clothes for the infamous punk rock band The Sex Pistols. Although her clothes have been toned a little bit now, you can still feel the punk rock influence in many of pieces, including the use of tartan and safety pins.

10. Yosuzi

Yosuzi Sylvester is hat designer who makes our list, not so much because of the price of her creations, but the unusual story behind them. You can buy a Yosuzi hat for around $200. The hats are made in Venezuela and each hat takes a total of eight hours to make. They are made in one of the poorest regions of the world and the company donate 20% of all their profits to a charity that provides healthcare and education to the local children in the region.

What are your favourite fashion brands?


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