10 Tips on how to wear high heels comfortably

Let’s face it, heels are never going to be as comfortable as a pair of well-worn in sneakers, but you don’t have to be gritting your teeth in agony every time to take a step in high heels. Nevertheless, however painful they are to wear and however difficult they are to walk in, you’re not about to throw out your favourite pair of heels just yet, are you? So, rather than soldiering on with a pair of heels that leave you with blisters and sprained ankles, read these ten tips on how to wear high heels much more comfortably.

1. Relax when you walk

Because some people are afraid they will stumble in heels and make a fool of themselves, they hold themselves very stiffly when they are walking in high heels. Keeping your back stiff and straight is likely to make even more awkward to walk in heels and it will put a strain on your back that will lead to backache. Try to relax and loosen up a bit and then you will be far less likely to hurt your back and you will look a lot more natural too.

2. Break your heels in before a big night

Here is another tip on how to wear high heels comfortably: when you buy a beautiful pair of new heels for a special occasion, don’t leave it until the big night until you wear them for the first time. When you first get a new pair of shoes, they are quite unforgiving and they will rub more, so wear them for short periods of time beforehand to break them in before you try to go all night in them.

3. Protect your feet from chaffing with deodorant

If you have a pair of shoes that always rub your feet raw in a particular spot, try applying a small amount of clear deodorant on that part of the shoe. It works especially well on straps that chaff, because it lets the strap glide smoothly over your skin rather than rubbing against it and making the skin sore.

4. Buy your heels in the evening

Whenever you go shopping for high heels, always go in the evening. Your feet swell up during the day, so even if your high heels do fit you perfectly first thing in the morning, they might still be tight when you wear them for an evening out.

5. Rough up the soles of new heels

One way that can hurt yourself wearing heels is if you slip up wearing them. Even if you don’t end up in an ungainly heap on the floor, you are likely to jar your back or twist your ankle. If you have a new pair of heels, or a pair that has smooth soles, try rubbing some sandpaper over the bottoms of your shoes to give yourself the shoes more grip. It might seem like sacrilege to deliberately scuff up a brand new pair of heels, but it’s better than taking a spectacular tumble and becoming internet sensation on YouTube!

6. Use tape on your toes

If you are wearing closed toe shoes, here’s a slightly weird sounding tip on how to wear high heels comfortably that will help reduce the pain. If you tape together your third and fourth toe, it gives support to your toes and prevents the stress on the nerves that causes the pain.

7. Use gel inserts

There are quite a lot of products available that claim to make wearing heels less painful, but the ones that really work are gel insoles. When you wear heels, a lot of your weight is sitting on the balls of your feet. Gel insoles cushion your feet, so it feels nowhere near as painful when you walk and you will be able to go for a lot longer in heels before your feet start to hurt.

8. Make sure your shoes fit you

Next tip on how to wear high heels comfortably is to be fussy when you buy heels and make absolutely sure that your shoes fit you properly. If they are too tight, they will pinch and cause blisters and, if they are too loose, they will move around too much, or even drop off. You might be able to get away with sneakers that aren’t quite the right size, but don’t risk it with heels.

9. Take smaller steps when you walk

There is a bit of an art to walking elegantly in heels and, if you are not used to wearing them, it might take a bit of practice. The best thing to do is to look straight ahead and take smaller steps than you usually would.  Don’t try to take big strides and don’t run, or you will be more likely to end up hurting yourself.

10. Give your feet a break from heels

Wearing high heels does put a strain on your back and your legs, and it is quite likely to make your feet sore, so don’t try and wear them every day. Wear lower high heels sometimes, shoes with thicker heels, or flats, so that you give your feet a break. It’s also worth mentioning that no one has to wear to heels! If you simply can’t get on with high heels, don’t wear them at all. It’s as simple as that!

How to wear high heels comfortably? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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