10 Tips on how to wear a blazer elegantly

Blazers are so versatile and they really should be one of those must have items in every girl’s wardrobe. Not only can they be worn with everything, from shorts to formal skirts, they are also eminently practical for those days when it’s too chilly for nothing, but not cold enough for a heavy coat. A blazer also has the wonderful ability to change the whole tone of an outfit and dress up something that would otherwise have looked very casual. If you have just one smart blazer in your wardrobe, here are just ten of the ways that you might want to try using it.

1. They are great for office dress down days

Office dress down days can be a nightmare. You want to go with the flow and look casual, but you still want to look professional and business like. Depending on what the office etiquette is where you work, if you wear a blazer with jeans, you still look like you dressed down, but you will still be smart enough to go into a meeting. It’s the prefect half way solution for dress down days.

2. You can layer with them in the fall

A blazer looks amazing worn over layers and paired with jeans and long brown leather boots. You can wear a blazer over a shirt and cardigan and it will make the perfect outfit for those fall days when the weather is neither one thing, nor the other.

3. They look amazing with ‘boyfriend jeans’

If you want to try something a bit different from skinny jeans, how about pairing tailored blazer with a pair of baggy and worn ‘boyfriend jeans’? The combination of the chic style of the tailored blazer with the ‘lived in’ look of distressed jeans is a real head turner.

4. Wear a brightly coloured blazer with an all denim outfit

If you wear a blue denim top with blue jeans, the monochrome look can look too overpowering. But, if you then add white, or brightly coloured blazer, it takes the outfit to another dimension. A tailored, brightly coloured blazer is perfect for breaking up a monochrome outfit and it looks particularly effective with a ‘denim on denim’ look.

5. Use them for colour blocking

Colour blocking is a great way to create an upbeat, young look and a neutral coloured blazer is the perfect way to complement layers of more brightly coloured clothes. You could use sweet and feminine colours like a pink mini skirt and a yellow top and add a beige blazer to finish off the look.

6. Wear blazers with shorts

Shirts, tights and a blazer just look like they were made to be worn together and the ensemble looks so stylish and sexy. Or, for a seriously chic street outfit, try a dark blazer with a grey top and white shorts. Whichever way you look at it, a blazer with shorts just looks cool.

7. Floral blazers

Don’t think that blazers have to look plain and masculine to look great; you can buy pretty floral balers that still have the smart cut, but look a lot more feminine. A beautiful floral blazer needs fewer colours and fuss elsewhere to compliment it, and the blazer itself can be the centre of attention. Floral blazers look bright and summery and great when worn with plain white tops and pastel coloured skirts.

8. Wear a blazer with any type of skirt

A tailored, dark coloured, blazer does have a masculine feel to it and that is part of the reason that they look so good when worn with a skirt. You can pair a good blazer with any kind of skirt: short, long, pencil or A-line. For the really cute masculine/feminine contrast, a blazer looks fantastic when worn with skirts that are printed with colourful feminine patterns.

9. Blazers with plaid shirts

A blazer worn over the top of a fitted plaid shirt is another way to combine the clean cut lines of a blazer with a more casual style. You can either keep the rest of the outfit causal by wearing jeans or leather trousers with it, or you could dress it up by wearing a mini skirt. In fact, you can have fun with the colour combinations you use, but remember that if your blazer has quite a fussy pattern, then plain coloured skirts will look better than patterned skirts.

10. Blazers with printed T-shirts

Casual T-shirts look extra special when they have a graphic print on them and T’s with big bold prints look superb underneath a smart blazer. It’s that combination of smart and casual again that makes this look so cool. Try an oversized graphic T-shirt with shorts, or skinny jeans, and a blazer. It’s a really sexy and stylish look.

Stay beautiful!

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