How to make your legs look longer? 10 Tips

Not everyone is born with super long legs that seem to go on for ever, but don’t be envious, because, no matter how short your legs are, there are plenty of ways to make them look long and seductive. Next time you go out, you can be the one that gets all the admiring glances from the guys, and the envious ones, from the girls, with these ten great tips on how to make your legs look longer.

1. Avoid any horizontal lines in your clothes

Check out your wardrobe and make sure that you don’t have any horizontal lines of detailing on your skirts or jeans. Horizontal lines, anywhere near your legs, will make your legs appear shorter and fatter. You should be looking to create as much of a smooth, vertical profile as you can, to extend the appearance of length in your legs.

2. Wear high heels

Another easy tip on how to make your legs look longer is to wear high heels. Heels will add a couple of inches to your height, so they are ideal for lengthening your legs. Even so, don’t wear heels every day, because they can cause damage your ankles.

3. Use some bronze on your legs

You can add length to your legs by running some bronzer down the shin bone. This adds an extra vertical dimension to your profile that will create the image of more length. Make sure that you blend in the bronzer well though, so that you don’t create a noticeable streak down the front of your legs.

4. Wear skirts and dresses with high waists

Another tip on how to make your legs look longer is to wear dresses, skirts or shorts with high waists. The high waist gives the illusion that the top half of your legs above the knees are far longer than they really are.

5. Wear flesh coloured heels

Another very popular trick on how to make your legs look longer is to wear flesh coloured heels. A pair of heels that blend with the colour of your legs will give an instant impression of longer legs. With nude heels, the line between where your leg ends and your foot begins will become blurred, unlike coloured heels that give a defined cut off point between the two.

6. Go with vertical stripes

Horizontal lines make your legs look shorter, vertical, on the contrary, will lengthen the appearance of your legs. Knee length, pin stripe skirts are ideal for this; any vertical lines in your clothing will give the appearance of increased height.

7. Black stockings

Black stockings are so seductive and guys absolutely love them! They are also great for making your legs look sleek and long too, so add black stockings to your outfit and you’ll add some inches to the length of your legs too.

8. Wear shorter skirts

Another tip on how to make your legs look longer is to wear shorter skirts. A shorter hemline on your skirts and dresses will show more leg and, therefore, increase the appearance of length. Add that to the high waist we mentioned previously, and you will be really surprised at the difference that it makes to how long your legs look.

9. Try single colour outfits

Our next tip on how to make your legs look longer is to try to wear single colour outfits. Wearing a single, solid colour from top to bottom will make you look taller and extend the length of your legs; and even variations of the same colour will do the same trick. A single block of the same colour draws the eye, vertically, up and down the body, which will give the appearance of more height.

10. Walk the walk!

Half the battle with this is probably your own mental attitude. Follow these simple tips and believe that you have long legs and it will show in your body language. Walk tall and proud and don’t be ashamed of your legs, and you will find that you get the same admiring glances, as someone who’s legs are a mile long!

How to make your legs look longer? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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