How to make your legs appear longer? 10 Must-know fashion tips

Would you like to be taller and have legs that go on for miles? Well, while not everyone has been blessed with long slender legs, there are a still a lot of things that you can do to make shorter legs look longer that you may not have been aware of. In fact, with just a few small style tricks, you could look like you have the legs you always dreamed of! It’s all about tricking the eye into thinking that your legs are longer than they really are, and it’s not at all that hard to do. Just try some of these must-know style tips and see how you can make your legs look like they are much longer than they really are.

1. Nude shoes

Making your legs look longer is not all about teetering around on mile-high heels, the colour of your shoes is just as important. Black is the worst colour shoe to wear if you have short legs, because black will make your feet look smaller. Wear shoes that are flesh coloured and that way, there will be no discernible line between your legs and your feet and, subsequently, your legs will look longer.

2. A line skirts

Wearing A line dresses and skirts is another great tip on how to make your legs longer. It’s not the length of the skirt that matters, it’s the shape. A line skirts pinch in at the waist and flare out at the bottom, and that wideness at the bottom is what will give the appearance that you have long legs.

3. Match the colour of your shoes to the colour of trousers

If you are wearing jeans or trousers, then chose the colour of your shoes to match the colour of the trousers as closely as possible. This is the same idea of wearing nude coloured shoes with skirts and dresses; it stops there being a line between where your legs end and your feet start.

4. Use bronzer to extend your legs

Another great tip on how to make your legs longer is this: when you are wearing a skirt or a dress, apply a touch of bronzer down the centre of your shins, and it will make your legs look thinner and longer. Don’t overdo the bronzer, though, and make sure you blend it in well. It’s just a trick of the light, but it works!

5. Black stockings

Black stockings always look glamorous and seductive, and they can make your legs look longer too. Black stockings work great for making your legs look longer, especially if your legs are a bit on the larger side. For the best effect, pair your black stockings with a pair of black heels and your legs will look more slender and much longer.

6. Avoid horizontal lines

Any horizontal lines on your legs will shorten their appearance, whereas vertical lines will lengthen your legs. So our next tip on how to make your legs longer is to avoid any clothes with any horizontal lines, or detailing or they will have the effect of cutting your legs into smaller parts and that will make you look shorter overall.

7. High waists

The eye can be fooled by high waist lines as well, because we tend to think that the legs start where the waist is. If you wear skirts, dresses, or jeans that have high waists, or even if you pull up your clothes higher up on your waist, it will give the impression that your legs are longer than they really are.

8. Tuck your shirts in

Next good tip on how to make your legs longer is to always tuck shirts and blouses into the waistband of skirts or jeans, as this will shorten the appearance of your torso and lengthen the appearance of your legs. Having your tee shirt loose over the top of your jeans might feel more comfortable in the summer, but it’s going to make your legs look even shorter.

9. Try asymmetrical hems

Another good trick to make your legs look much longer is to wear asymmetrical hems. Uneven hems are to everybody’s taste, but, because there is no definite line that shows where the skirt ends and the legs start, it confuses the eye and makes people think that you have more leg than you really do have.

10. Go monochrome

Another trick that you can use with colour is to wear all one colour, all the way from your head down to your toes. If you match the colour of your top, bottom and your shoes, it will blur the lines of where your legs start from and where they end. It need not be a precise match of colour, though; different shades of the same colour will still make you look taller and legs look longer.

How to make your legs longer? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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