How to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type?

Shopping for swimsuits can be a nightmare and, because swimwear is so revealing, you are very conscious of the fact that you need to buy a swimsuit that will flatter your body shape. Fashion writers usually try to help you choose a swimsuit by putting you into a body-type category, but if you don’t care for being called an apple, a pear or an hourglass, or you just don’t think that you fit a category of any kind, then we’ve come up with a list of ten practical tips to help you choose the best swimsuit for your body type.

1. Use colour to contour your body

If you are a bit heavier on the top, or the bottom, then the answer is simple. The easiest way to slim one half of your body shape is with colour. If you buy a bikini in two shades of the same colour, choose the lighter shade for the part of your body that you want to highlight and a darker, single block colour, for the part of your body that you want to slim down.

2. Embellish a smaller chest

Another tip on how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type, if your chest is on the small side, is to buy padded bikini top to give you a little extra volume on top. The best way to create the illusion of a larger chest is to wear a bikini top that has ruffles or other kinds of embellishments on it.

3. Be practical with a large chest

If you have a big chest, then bikinis that are sold in small, medium or large sizes are not for you. You should be looking for a perfect fit with a bikini in your exact cup size. Look for bikinis in your size that have under wire for support and thick straps that won’t cut into you.

4. Balance out the larger behind

Next tip on how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type, if you have an ample rear, is to balance out the larger behind, because in this case high cut bikini bottoms and string bikinis really aren’t going to be practical. Choose swimsuits that have plenty of fabric on the bottom half, so you are not forever trying to pull down the bikini to get a bit of extra coverage. The best designs will be those designs that have solid colour bottoms, combined with patterned tops. This will help to balance up your body shape.

5. Hiding a tummy

If you have a slightly less than flat tummy, it’s actually quite easy to hide that. A one piece swimsuit that has a plunging neckline will draw attention away from your stomach, or you could choose a peplum style swimsuit to hide a bulge.

6. For those with curvy hips and larger thighs

Our next tip on how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type is for girls with larger hips and thighs, what some would call a pear shape: go for swimsuits that have a plain skirt bottom that ends just below the largest part of the thigh. Avoid boy short bottom bikinis or anything that has a thick band at the bottom, as this will just highlight the area that you are trying to draw attention away from. On the top, choose something eye catching, like a plunging neckline, and this will draw attention to this area of your body.

7. For the not-so curvy figure

If you have a lithe, athletic, figure and you don’t have the curves, then you will need to be looking at swimsuits with less coverage that flaunt your shape better. Monokinis, or one-piece swimsuits, will create the appearance of curves and, the smaller the bikini bottoms, or tied at the side ones, will enhance the curves of your rear.

8. High wasted bottoms to hide love handles

Disguising those love handles is an easy thing to do as well. Chose monochrome, high wasted bottoms and make sure that they are high enough to go all the way up to your belly button, so that you don’t get any bulging out of the top. For your top, choose something more elaborate, or patterned, so that it draws the eye to the top half of your body.

9. Use boy shorts to widen the hips

For those of you that are a bit heavier on top, but have narrow hips, boy shorts will widen the appearance of your hips and give you more of an hourglass shape. Not everyone likes, or feels comfortable, in boy short style bikinis, so make sure that you are comfortable with the fit before you wear them to the beach.

10 Buy your swimsuits from a swimsuit store

Department stores do sell swimsuits, but for a better range and to get proper advice, you might be better off going to a specialist swimsuit store. Don’t be shy about asking for advice on how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type; the store assistant will have heard it all before. Do be practical in your choice of swimwear. If you are planning to do some serious swimming, or water sports, then you want whatever type of swimwear you choose to stay on, as well as to look good.

How to choose the best swimsuit for your body type? What are your tips?

Stay beautiful!

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