Clothes shopping tips for girls: 10 Great tips on how to shop like a pro 

Do you ever wonder why it is that, some days you can spend hours and hours shopping but come back with nothing? Well, shopping is an art and a skill that can be learned, and you will be pleased to hear, it takes practice! Make your shopping trips more fun and more productive and read these ten tips on how to shop like a pro:

1. Keep a fashion scrapbook

First one of great clothes shopping tips is to keep a fashion scrapbook. When you see a picture of an outfit that you like, cut it out and keep it, or save it on a website like Pinterest. Keeping a scrapbook of fashion ideas will give you inspiration for your shopping trips, so you can plan ahead and design your outfits, before you even leave your home.

2. Save your legs and check online first

Sometimes, it’s just not worth the hassle of traipsing around the stores and you can buy all you need, and buy it cheaper, online. If you want to try something on before you buy, try it on at the store and then get the cheapest online price, when you get back home.

3. Stay focussed

Another one of useful clothes shopping tips is to remember to stay focused. Focus ladies, focus! Don’t become distracted by the special offers and the tempting displays. Go looking for what you came for and buy it, or you’ll get home with bags of clothes that you never intended to buy in the first place.

4. Check your closet before you shop

Take stock of what you already have before you hit the stores. Check what you already have, make a list of what you need and don’t forget the basics, as well as the new outfits. There’s no point in doubling up on what you already have, so spend the money on something different instead.

5. Don’t buy it if you are unsure

Next one of important clothes shopping tips is to avoid buying something is you are unsure about it. If you weren’t sure about it in the store dressing room, then the chances are that you won’t be sure when you get home either. You could always take it back, but who needs the hassle?!

6. Think about outfits, not individual pieces

Buying a single item because it looks great is fine, but only if you have something else to wear with it. Shop with outfits in mind, rather than for single items and then you will have a better idea of what you are really looking for.

7. Take your time and shop around

Don’t be in too much of a rush. Take your time to try things on and, if they are not quite right, try another store. Even if you end up going back to the first store again, it’s worth making the extra effort to get things that are just right.

8. Work out your budget

Clothes shopping tips also include thinking about your budget. Quality is important, but most of us work to a budget. Budgeting will be different for different people, but a good rule of thumb is to consider how often you will wear an item. A pair of jeans that you will wear over and over again is worth spending more money on, than a top that you will only wear once or twice.

9. Don’t forget the tailoring service

Although they don’t advertise it, most stores do offer a tailoring service that you can use. If a garment needs a small modification to make it perfect, don’t be afraid to ask, if it can be fixed by the store.

10. Always check for quality

In your rush to get all the items on your list, don’t forget to check the quality. Check that prints line up properly, the seams are straight and give the stitching a little tug. If it looks loose, then it’s not going to last for very long.

What are your best clothes shopping tips? How to shop like a pro?

Stay beautiful!

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