9 Must know tips on how to walk in high heels easier and with no pain

They’re painful, they’re difficult to walk in, they’re completely impractical, but still a girl loves her heels! High heels never go out of fashion, so here are ten tips on how to make wearing and walking in high heels a little easier and much less painful:

1. Scuff up new shoes

You might hate the thought of deliberately damaging your beautiful new shoes, but if you slip and twist your ankle in them, then that’s going to hurt. Before you go out, scuff the bottoms of new shoes by scraping them along a pavement or by taking a bit of sandpaper to the soles. It’ll help stop you slipping on shiny or smooth floors.

2. Take a break

Another tip on how to walk in high heels with no pain is – don’t try and spend all night on your feet, when you are wearing heels, take a break and get the weight of your feet every twenty minutes or so. Not only will it give your feet a rest, but you can also show off your new shoes better, when you are sitting down.

3. Make sure you buy the right size

Our next tip on how to walk in high heels easier is – don’t assume that you know your shoe size, get it checked, at least, once a year and check the width, as well as the length. Squeezing your feet into tight shoes of any kind will cause blisters and could even damage your feet.

4. Avoid thin soled shoes

Another great tip on how to walk in high heels without the pain is – avoid thin soled shoes. If you wear really thin soled shoes, then you are going to feel every stone, every pebble and every bump in the floor that you walk over. A slightly thicker sole will protect your feet better and alleviate some of the pressure that you are putting on the soles of the feet.

5. Take your shoes for a trial run

Next good and useful tip on how to walk in high heels comfortably is – if you have bought new shoes for a special day, don’t forget to test drive them first. Wear them around the house or on a trip to the shops and get used to the balance of them before the big event.

6. Try shoe inserts

Part of the problem with high heels is that they force all the weight of your body down onto the balls of your feet. A good way to ease the pain caused by this is to use pads, that you can buy, to ease the pressure. Called metatarsal foot pads, they slip into the shoe, under the balls of your feet. They provide a cushion and they will also stop your feet from sliding forward and crunching your toes.

7. Stand up straight

Good posture can help stop the pain, so stand up straight, walk tall and keep your body weight over the top of the shoes. You will look more elegant and graceful and it will help to stop you from tumbling in your shoes too.

8. Be confident

Next useful secret on how to walk in high heels easier is – don’t even think about slipping or taking a tumble, and you probably won’t! The more you worry about your shoes, the less elegant you will look. Make those shoes your own and take positive and purposeful steps, and you will be less likely to twist and hurt your feet.

9. Don’t go too high

Stating the obvious here, but the higher you go, the more the pain! Experts say that heels of one or two inches are fine, but any more and you are getting into pain territory. Four inch heels are going to put pressure on the balls of our feet and potentially squeeze your toes, so avoid wearing very high heels if you want to avoid the pain!

What are your favorite tips on how to make walking on high heels less painful? Feel free to share your tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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