9 Essential items to carry in your handbag 

When was the last time you did and check of what exactly you do carry around with you in your handbag? You probably have the obvious things, like your makeup, your keys and your phone, but what about the many other things that you might need to help you cope with the little emergencies in life that could occur on any day? We’ve come up with a list of ten things that, if you keep at the bottom your bag, could come in really handy one day. Here are our top 9 essential items to carry in your handbag that you may not have thought about before.

1. Tissues

You never know when a tissue will come to your rescue, so we have put that at number one on our list of handbag essentials. If you have a handy small pack of tissues in your bag you will be armed to deal with sneezes, small spills, kids with grazed knees, mishaps with food, and minor makeup smudges. How could you get through the day without a pack of tissues in your handbag?

2. Hand sanitizer

With all the germs and viruses that are going around today, hand sanitizer has become a handbag essential as well. You can pick up bacteria from the hand-holds on public transport, the handrails on stairs and escalators, shaking  hands with people, and, of course, public lavatories. A quick rub with some hand sanitizer will kill all those germs in seconds and you will get far fewer coughs and colds.

3. Safety pins

Pop a few safety pins your bag and you’ll be able to cope with any wardrobe malfunction from a popped button to a split seam in your skirt. You could also be a lifesaver for a male friend or colleague with a broken trouser zipper. Men are never prepared for that eventuality!

4. Breath freshener

You’ll never fear the garlic option on the lunchtime menu if you have a breath fresher in your handbag. Bad breath is bad news at any time and there are lots of things that can cause it, including a glass of wine at lunchtime, coffee, and many kinds of fragrant food. A quick spray of breath freshener, or pop a mint into your mouth, and you’ll be able to smile, laugh and talk with total confidence.

5. Band-Aids

Band aids have more uses than just covering up minor cuts and scrapes. They are great for when you are wearing a new pair of shoes or your heels have been pinching you. You can also use them to cover up broken nail or a chipped nail polish.

6. Cash

You can use your cards pretty much everywhere now, but, every now and then, you can still come across places that don’t take cards, or they want to charge you extra for the privilege of using a card.  You might also want to jump in a cab or grab a snack from a street vendor, so don’t leave home without at least a small amount of cash in your handbag.

7. A mini-notebook and pen

A small notebook and a pen can come in very useful as well. You can quickly write down people’s phone numbers, make to-do lists while you are sitting in a coffee shop, and wrote down memory joggers for yourself and any other things come into your mind. The pen will also come in handy so that you don’t have to use the pens provided in public places, like banks. Who knows how many thousands of people’s hands have touched those!

8. Pain relievers

A pack of your preferred painkillers is a must for your bag. Headaches can come on at any time and they can really throw you off your game. Not to mention the cramps, backache and any other kind of ache you care to think of. If you take any other medication, remember to pack a day’s supply of that too.


9. Period supplies

You never can be too sure when Mother Nature will call so, even when  you are not actually due, it’s a good idea to always carry a small supply of period essentials with you. Even if you are as regular as clockwork, if you always know that you have a supply in your bag, you will never forget to pack what you need. You’ll also be a potential lifesaver to any friends that aren’t as well prepared as you are.

Stay beautiful!

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