80s Fashion trends: What was fashionable in 80s?

The 1970s saw trends move from the flamboyance of glam rock with its platform shoes, unbelievably wide flares, and lots of glitter, to the ripped and torn look of punk rock. By the 1980s, though, things began to turn full circle and 80s fashion became big and bold again. That meant big hair, shoulder pads and dazzling colours. The 80s also brought us leg warmers and sportswear, thanks to the kids from Fame, and parachute pants and big gold chains for the guys. While you might cringe when you think about the clothes you wore in the 1980s, a lot of the ideas, if not quite so extreme, still reappear from time to time. Let’s take a trip back in time and take a look at ten of the things that were in fashion in the 1980.

1. Big hair

Hair spray sales must have been booming in the 1980s, because that was the only way you could achieve the big hair look. Perms, mousse, gel and teasing combs played their part too in ‘the bigger the better’ hairstyles of the decade. For the more adventurous, new romantic types, the big hair came in bright colours too, like reds and blues, and that was just for the guys!

2. Dancewear

Dance movies and TV shows were big in the 1980s and that lead to people wearing leg warmers, leotards and headbands just about everywhere and anywhere. We had Dirty Dancing, Flash Dance, Fame, and the ‘just out of an aerobics class’ look escaped from the gym and spilled out into general casual wear.

3. Velour

Velour became big in the 80s and the soft, velvety like, stretch fabric was used by both the top designer labels like Dior, and the high street stores too. The fabric was used in sweatshirts, tracksuits and sweaters, and wearing it either meant that you were a trend setter, or a trouble maker, because velour tracksuits became very popular with teenagers on the streets too.

4. Smiley faces

Smiley faces were actually invented in the 1970s, but they became a must have accessory in the 1980s. Before they became an internet emoji, smiley faces were commonly worn as pins and used as designs on T-shirts. In the 80s, they were seen by most as a simple message of goodwill, but they were also an icon of the 80s rave and drug scene.

5. Scrunchies

Hair ties with a difference, every girl in the 80s had a drawer full of big, bold and colourful scrunchies to keep their big hair in place and up. They could be used to add volume to you hair, keep a side pony tail in place and they came in solid colours, patterns, or metallic shimmery fabrics. If you got bored of having them in your hair, they also became very popular as a wrist accessory.

6. Seriously big earrings

Earrings in the 80s got big, and we mean really big! Worn by pop stars of the day, like Madonna and Debbie Gibson, door knocker earrings were the perfect thing to set off the big hair and the shoulder pads. They were loud, big and clunky and, if you twirled round on the disco dance floor a bit too fast, you probably could have taken out about five people without even noticing!

7. Spandex

Spandex was another fabric that was everywhere in the 80s. Spandex leotards, leg warmers and a hair bands became the uniform for working out; tight spandex pants were the thing for those nights on the disco dance floor and, even male rockers with their long bleached, permed hair had a thing for spandex pants in the 1980s.

8. Swatch watches

The 80s was also a decade where you just had to have certain brands, and a swatch watch was one of those brands to have. Back then, Swatch watches were colourful and patterned and every girl needed to own at least three. In fact, if you wanted to look really cool, you’d wear several of them all at the same time.

9. Seriously colourful makeup

Nothing was understated in the 1980s and that included makeup. There was no trying to keep the look natural with the green, blue and yellow lipsticks. The eyes got a similar treatment too with electric blues, red and even yellow mascaras. Eyes really did pop in the 1980s.

10. Printed T-shirts

T-shirts with slogans printed on them were huge in the 1980s. Some had serous messages, but others were funny, like the popular “What are you looking at?” slogan. The British band, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who had the controversial hit “relax” set another T-shirt fad into motion with their slogan of “Frankie Say Relax”.

Stay beautiful!

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