8 tips on what to wear on a first date

You want to make a great first impression on a first date, and choosing what to wear can be really difficult. It’s a tricky mix between flirtatious, yet not over the top; your outfit should emphasize all your best features, but still you should be comfortable enough with what you’re wearing, so that you can relax and have a good time.

The most important thing though, is to choose clothes that make you feel confident and relaxed, so that the most beautiful thing about you comes through – your personality. Today let’s look at 8 fashion tips that can help you decide what to wear on a first date:

1. Don’t be too flirty

You don’t want to be demoted the status of a one-night-date straight away; first impression lasts a very long time, so don’t overdo the flirtatious look. Avoid the low cut tops and short skirts, for now anyway, if all goes well, there’ll be plenty of time for that later.

2. Avoid overdressing and underdressing

What to wear on a first date? Be sure to find out beforehand where you are going for the evening to avoid the embarrassment of being inappropriately dressed. A surprise is lovely, but you don’t want to be going to a posh restaurant in your jeans and T-shirt, any more than you wouldn’t want to find yourself at a theme park in heels and a cocktail dress.

3. Don’t worry about the label

Most men won’t even notice your designer clothes labels, so don’t worry about them. Wearing what you look good in and what makes you feel good is far more important, than the name of the person who designed your clothes or how much that beautiful dress costed you.

4. Use color

Men are looking for a female companion on a date, not a work colleague. Blacks and browns may be understated and look sliming, but they don’t really highlight your feminine side, so choose colours, but not too bright! Pastels are always a safe bet; remember to choose colours that look good on you and not just your favourite colour.

5. Wonder what to wear on a first date? Get some advice!

There’s no harm in getting another person’s view on what looks good on you, so don’t be afraid to ask your mother, sister or friend what they think. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, but a bit of honest opinion from someone else might highlight something you have missed yourself.

6. Don’t be a slave to fashion

Wear it because it works for you and not just because it’s the latest thing to grace the catwalk. High heels, for example, might make you look taller and your legs longer, but if you can’t walk straight wearing them or they make you feel uncomfortable, then definitely don’t wear them on a first date.

7. Keep your first date hair and makeup simple

The same as with your clothes, be careful not to overdo the hairdo or the makeup when preparing to go on your first date. An elaborate hairstyle that doesn’t feel comfortable won’t make you feel at ease and too much makeup could put you in the flirty category. Looking good and looking natural is the way to a man’s heart.

8. Let your femininity shine through

Men like their ladies to be feminine, so always stick to a dress or skirt for a first date. An outdated view, it may seem, but it’s men we’re talking about here! A skirt or dress will accentuate your feminine qualities and make you look and feel more attractive. A guy wants a gal not a pal!

I hope you find these first date fashion tips useful.

Feel free to share your own tips on what to wear on a first date in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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