7 Fantastic styling tips for gorgeous curvy ladies

The fashion industry is in great debt to plus-sized ladies. Although the “size zero” trend is more or less over and gorgeous curvy models are making inroads into fashion shows, there is still a long way to go. Yet, even if wandering the mall in search for a great outfit could be sometimes depressing for those with more curves, there are some basic tips we could all use to highlight the best features of our bodies, regardless of size. Here they are.

1. Make sure it fits well

This is a universal fashion rule – wear clothes that fit, meaning that they’re not too baggy and not too tight. In the first case, you’d look basically shapeless, and in the second, it would seem like you’re bursting from your clothes. So make sure you buy clothes that are exactly your size. The industry knows that not all of us are skinny and is making clothes in a sufficient range of sizes. Alternatively, find a tailor and have custom-made outfits, these are always the best, as long as the tailor is good.

2. Don’t be a blind fashion victim

Fashion trends come and go, but the one thing that is true for all of them is that they do not complement every shape and size, not to mention individual styles. If you’ve already developed a style of your own, you’d be aware of this but sometimes peer and media pressure gets too much and we get swayed by the trend, at our expense. Think of it this way: just because tutus are trendy, for example, this doesn’t mean that we should all start wearing them, like them or not. Fashion, after all, is not compulsory.

3. Avoid the additional volume

There are some fabrics, like tweeds or angora, that add volume to any figure. Leave these to the skinny petites, if you’re a plus size lady, you don’t need this additional volume. Shiny satins and silks are also not the best choice, if you have a fuller figure. Of course, these are not unbendable rules, so if you feel you’ve really fallen in love with a tweed jacket and you think you’ll look great in it, go ahead and get it. Life is short and we should enjoy as much of it as we can.

4. Be careful with colours

Okay, what fashionistas recommend is to go with darker shades, rather than bright ones. However, you can’t spend your life wearing browns, grays and blacks, just because someone said so. What you can do, is combine the bright colours you love with more neutral ones. For instance, a purple skirt with a black or white top, or a green top with gray trousers. An all-purple or all-green outfit is for the brave ones who seriously do not care what fashionistas say, and we salute them for it. Remember: when you’ve got your own style, you can get away with everything.

5. Emphasize your best features

You must have a part of your body that looks great, irrespective or because of your weight. A great pair of breasts, perhaps? An hourglass figure? Curvy legs? Choose clothes that would emphasise that part, that would draw attention to it. This will significantly boost your self-confidence and confidence is that secret ingredient that makes us all more attractive. Use colours to your advantage here: the brighter ones will highlight the part you like, and the darker ones will avert attention from the part you don’t like so much.

6. Choose quality underwear 

The question of lingerie is also important, and rule #1 applies with double force in this respect. Wear well fitting underwear and don’t compromise with the quality, because quality here means comfort and a feeling of being attractive, even more than it means these things in the “outer” department. Silk, satin, a well-fitting bra and knickers that don’t cut into your flesh are what you need. What’s more, comfortable underwear will make your clothes look better on you too.

7. The must-haves

Finally, here are some must-have items to consider. All of them complement curvy shapes. First, there’s the pencil skirt. This type of skirt looks good on any shape, so you should definitely consider getting one if you don’t already have it. Then consider V-necks. Besides their elongating effect on the figure, they would focus attention on your decolletage. A shift dress is also a must for your wardrobe, as it will highlight your strong points and conceal whatever needs to be concealed. Also, this model dress looks great in any colour. In the shoe department, don’t shun high heels based on your size. Granted, spending a whole day on high heels could be painful but nobody says you have to go for 10-inch stilettos. Choose a height that you’d be comfortable with. Finally, accessorise wisely. Large bags and wide belts are a amazing figure enhancers, but jewelry and scarves are also great for emphasizing your best features.

Be bold, experiment! Stay beautiful!

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