6 Types of dresses that deserve a place in your closet this spring

Spring is here once again, birds chirping, bees buzzing, love is in the air, complete the list as you like. As the weather gets warmer, we usually sigh deeply with the satisfaction that we can throw the thick sweaters and heavy coats in the closet, and get into something more colourful, more revealing and light. What can be better than a new dress?! It’s perhaps the most feminine item when it comes to clothes, and there are so many styles, patterns and colours to choose from, we sometimes need guidance. Here are some dresses you may want to add to your clothes collection this spring.

1. Flowing, flowery and bright dress

Flowing mid-length dresses with large and bright flower or fruit prints have been seen on more than one red carpet recently, which basically means that large bright prints of diverse vegetation are very much in. What’s especially good is that this sort of dress can be equally fitting for a formal occasion and for an informal gathering. Few other dresses can “multitask” like this. Another reason to consider such a dress is that bright colours always lighten up the atmosphere, as well as your mood, and as we all know, spring is not just birds and bees, but it’s also a period of psychological adjustment to the longer, sunnier days, and nature being reborn. In short: we sometimes suffer from mild depression in spring and bright colours can help shake it off quicker.

2. An elegant, shaping sheath dress

You want to feel like a princess? Get yourself a sheath dress. These figure-hugging creations of the fashion industry can give you a great confidence boost, and that’s one purpose of clothes, right? To make you feel better about yourself. Because of their neat, unadorned design, sheath dresses look good on most bodies and can conceal some features we might perceive as flaws, such as a not really flat belly. Again because of this design, they lend themselves easily to accessorising. Also, multitaskers like the flowery sheath dresses are good for the office and for a cocktail party afterwards, so you can save some time, if such an occasion arises.

3. A neat, multifunctional shirt dress 

Shirt dresses, as the name suggests, can be worn both on their own and with a pair of leggings or trousers – a good idea in springtime, when the weather may be warmer but it’s still not summer. Of course, not all shirt dress styles can be worn without leggings, so if you want it to be multifunctional, get a shorter one perhaps. Shirt dresses vary greatly in length and shape, and they’re perfect for a casual outing or a picnic. Some are semi-formal, say, in block stripes or black and white, and at midi length, which makes them perfect for an office that has a dress code. The shorter ones can be your spring mini that goes with anything, and there are also some maxi ones that you might consider, if maxi is your favourite length.

4. A glamorous, figure-hugging ball gown

You don’t go to balls? So what? You never know what formal event you might get invited to this spring and designers generally advise that even if your lifestyle is as far from balls as can be, having a ball gown just in case is always a good idea. Straight and tight or with flowing skirts, with a deep decolletage or closed neck, a ball gown is a sure way to make you feel like royalty. Plus there’s one more reason to have one: keeping your weight in check. You know, some people keep a special pair of jeans or something like that, which they use as gauge, in addition to the scales. You can use the ball gown for this purpose, while you wait for the big event, which will, undoubtedly, come.

5. Luscious, gorgeous lace dress 

Lace dresses are perfect for the spring, when it’s still not too hot. Some just feature a lace element, such as a stripe at the hem, others have a full lace cover. Whichever you opt for, or why not both, a lacy addition to your wardrobe is a good idea too. Lace speaks of class and style like almost nothing else. The intricate patterns will flatter your figure and turn even the simplest-design dress into a jewel. Lace dresses are a great choice for any party, from an informal garden party to a black tie event, so forget about the little black dress and get yourself a bright yellow lace one instead.

6. A dress truly fit for any occasion

Think of a dress that’s figure-hugging at the top and full skirt at the bottom, in one colour and to the knees. This sort of design is practically good for any occasion, besides the most formal ones, but it should be made from a quality fabric. Or, your version of dress for any occasion could be a maxi dress with flowing skirt that you feel utterly comfortable in. Basically, follow your own tastes and make sure the dress fits well and makes you feel beautiful!

Stay happy!

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