5 Style tips on how to dress flirty but not trashy

It goes without saying that flirty is good but trashy is not, unless you’re in a play and your character requires it. But where do we draw the line between flirty and trashy? Well, given that flirting is a type of behaviour, the easiest answer is that whatever you’re wearing, it’s all in the posture, eyes, smile and touch. Yet often we tend to dress in accordance with our behaviour, so we want to not just act flirty but look flirty. It’s here that the line between flirty and trashy becomes difficult to see. Here are some don’ts you need to memorise, if you want to avoid looking, well, cheap and easy.

1. Showcasing the merchandise

We all have at least one area of our bodies that we like the most. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with highlighting this part but revealing it at every chance you get is not exactly stylish or elegant, it’s trashy. Say you have great boobs. Rest assured that this can be seen whatever you’re wearing – maybe except for thick, two-sizes-too-big sweaters, but if you’re feeling flirty you won’t be wearing these, will you? If you have a firm, apple-shaped bottom, you really don’t have to highlight it with a supermini skirt or too tight leather pants every time you go out. All this, of course, does not mean that you should hide your best parts just because you’re worried you’ll look trashy. It’s all about doing it with a certain measure, that’s all.

2. Length and shape

There are certain types of skirts that only look well on very young girls and the mini is one of these types. But even if you’re young and have supermodel legs, a tight skirt that you could mistake for a belt is not flirty. Mid-thigh lengths are perfectly fine for that special occasion and you don’t have to worry whenever you sit down or get up that everyone can get a good look at your underwear, no matter how classy it is. Then there’s the question of how tight is flirty and how tight is trashy. If you can’t walk freely in your skirt, then it’s most likely of the trashy variety, it’s as simple as that. Remember, you want to highlight your shape, not rub people’s noses in it, right?

3. Depth

Let’s talk cleavage for a while, shall we? How deep is too deep could be one of the questions bothering you when you choose a flirty outfit for a party. For starters, it’s not so much the depth as the shape of the outfit’s neck. A deep V is fine, as long as it’s not too wide. A wide V is fine, as long as it’s not too deep. In other words, if your neckline exposes the upper part of your bust area, without you risking everyone getting a good look at your boobs every time you bend slightly forwards, then it’s OK. If you’ve gone for the deep V, make sure it doesn’t expose half of your breasts but just your cleavage and a bit of flesh. Seductive is attractive but men like a little mystery. The same goes for backless dresses, by the way. A backless dress is a very seductive and flirty choice, but make sure the backless part does not become bottomless.

4. Fabrics

The bad news is that even the finest fabrics can be used to create a trashy outfit. The good news is that this is a rare case, because sensible designers respect the fabrics they work with. High-quality fabrics like silk, satin and some fine types of wool, for instance, will add class and style to one’s outfit, but if made from poor-quality fabrics, it can all look pretty trashy. What’s more, fine fabrics tend to be much more figure-hugging than poor-quality ones, and thus highlight your best parts much better, without being too revealing. It’s true that high-class fabrics and the outfits made from them cost substantially more, than most of us can afford on a regular basis, but here’s the thing – you don’t need to fill your wardrobe with designer outfits only. Go for a couple of classic flirty designs – the little black dress or a variety thereof is a must for every woman – and using different accessories make them into several outfits. This won’t cost you too much and will ensure, when the time comes, that you look sufficiently flirty and fun, rather than desperate for attention.

5. Don’t lie

Cleavage-enhancing and super-padded bras, shaping underwear, and whatnot…Use them wisely, which means don’t try to radically change the shape of your body. The aim of these garments is to enhance your curves, not give you a whole new figure. The lie will come to light sooner or later. Besides, torturing your body causes discomfort and there’s nothing flirty about physical discomfort, because it always shows. The same goes for shoes, by the way. Stilettos, platforms, take your pick but make sure you can walk in them, not just stand in them. Whatever style you choose, the keyword is subtle, not ostentatious.

Do you have other style tips on how to dress flirty but not trashy?

Stay beautiful and be happy!

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