5 Different types of skirts every girl should own

No pair of trousers can give you the chic that a skirt can. Yet it’s sometimes hard to decide which style is the best for your body type. The good news is that there’s no one single style that fits a certain body type, you can wear as many different ones as you like. Then there is the fabric design to consider, the patterns or lack thereof. Different styles go with different occasions for the most part but rules are flexible, so you can wear a mini to a special occasion and for an everyday lunch date with equal success. As long as it’s the right kind of mini, of course. Now, let’s look at different types of skirts every girl should own.

1.  The mini

If you have the legs, it would be plain wrong to abstain from wearing mini skirts. Mini is in fact quite an extensive category, including everything from tight, belt-like pieces of fabric barely covering the buttocks (an outfit for very special settings, if you catch our drift), to flowing bubble skirts, plaited ones, and tutus. Depending on the occasion, the fabric of the skirt can make all the difference, allowing you to wear a mini to a formal dinner. Satin for instance, plain and without any prints, is perfect for a formal occasion, and keep the length mid-thigh, rather than just-covering-the-crotch. One other thing about the minis is that they have a flattering effect on stubby figures, as long as your mid-section is not too plump.

2. The maxi

The polar opposite of the mini, which nevertheless can be no less revealing with a couple of slits. Maxi skirts generally cover the whole legs, touching the floor, but some fashionistas call some mid-calf skirts maxi as well. The important thing about the maxi is to make sure it’s long enough. This means it has to cover the ankle entirely. A skirt length a couple of inches above the ankle is a no-no. The maxi design lends itself easily to all sorts of fabrics and patterns. You will look equally good in a lace maxi and, say, a zebra-print maxi. By the way, talking about zebra prints and other kinds of stripes, forget about that old rule that short and/or plump women mustn’t wear horizontal stripes. Wear all the stripes you want.

3. The midi

Of course, where there’s a mini and a maxi, there must certainly be a midi as well. Midi skirts are those that generally speaking cover the knees but leave the ankles exposed. Lengths vary from a couple of inches below the knee to the middle of the calf, no lower. Midis are flattering for any figure, granted they’re combined with the right shoes. For example, if your calves are on the stubby side, combine a midi skirt with striped sandals for an elongated effect. So much for midis being tricky. It’s all in the combination. Midis can be straight or wider at the hem, or they can be fish-tailed — tight at the top, and flaring out at the bottom. While it’s true that they look generally better on taller ladies, there’s no reason why petites shouldn’t wear them at all. After all, it’s not every petite’s dream to look taller than she actually is.

4. The A-line skirt

As the name suggests, these skirts have the shape of the letter A. Its length can vary from a mini to a maxi but the type is perhaps most commonly associated with knee-length or a bit below the knees, the classy length. The A-line skirt is a must if you work at an office with a certain dress code. At the same time, these skirts are totally suitable for a girls’ night out or a date, depending, of course, on the fabric they’re made of, and the designs. For the office, a plain colour or discreet stripes and plaids is the best choice. For leisure time, you can opt for floral designs, plaits, or anything else that looks good to you. A-line skirts are not commonly seen as suitable for a formal event but, once again, that’s not a hard rule. Given the right fabric and design, you can wear anything to a formal event.

5. The pencil skirt

Even if you’re convinced that you’ll never wear a mini or a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt is a definite must for your closet. These skirts are relatively tight but figure-hugging and they typically just cover the knee. This makes the pencil skirt an equally good choice for work and for a formal occasion — this shape simply looks formal, regardless of colour and design. It works wonderfully with high heels but, for certain figures, is just as attractive and stylish with elegant flats. What’s more, you can mix styles with these skirts. They don’t necessarily have to be combined with smart shirts and jackets. A T-shirt or a lace tops work equally well with the pencil skirt. That’s one truly versatile addition to any lady’s wardrobe.

What is your favorite type of skirt?

Stay beautiful!

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