11 Must-know fashion rules to follow day by day

We’d give anything, or at least a lot of time and money, to look fabulous every day without having to put too much effort into it. Some will even make any effort required to achieve the wow effect. When it comes to fashion, it’s all too easy to get swayed by the latest fad, without stopping to think whether these clothes/shoes/accessories look good on you. Too many trends, too many celeb pictures…But in fact things are quite simple and can be summed up in just one sentence: ‘Highlight your strong points and disguise your weak ones’. Simple, right? Here are some timeless fashion rules on how to do it.

1. Forget about huge, screaming logos

Alright, it could be good for the ego to flaunt a bag with a giant logo of the brand but is this really necessary? Logo minimalism is what will make your clothes look their best. True style and class is not in the logo, it’s in the materials used, in the design and the colour. So, unless you want to look like a walking ad, forget about the brand ostentation.

2. Black and purple

For everyday style, choose outfits whose main colour is either a combination of black and white, khaki or another “duller” colour. This will make you look stylish and when you add a brightly coloured piece such as a scarf, a belt or a handbag, not to mention shoes, you’ll get a nice contrast.

3. Bright and lively 

Clothes usually reflect our mood, so if you’re feeling full of energy and you simply know that dress you bought with the red, orange and yellow squares looks great on you, don’t hesitate to wear it to work. Unless, of course, you have to obey a strict dress code. So one of good fashion rules to follow is simple: don’t be a afraid of bright colours!

4. Mind the weather 

Whether we like it or not, our choice of clothes should match the weather. You might really want to go to work in that blue pencil skirt and a short leather jacket on December day, but you’ll probably freeze to death, if you live in a place with four seasons. Besides, there are good and bad ways to stand out in a crowd. Wearing spring clothes in the winter is not among the good ways.

5. Don’t overdo it

Unless you have the perfect figure, avoid wearing a lot of garments in different but equally bright colours. A brightly coloured dress is totally fine, but a pair of jeans, a shirt, a jacket and a belt all in different bright hues is not. Choosing navy blue, black or gray as your main colour will slim you up. Plus they go beautifully with bright colours.

6. Statement piece

Remember what we said about highlighting your best features? Focus on just one and draw attention to it with an accessory or the design of your outfit. If you love your legs, show them off with a tight short skirt, though not too short, since that would not be a statement but a shout. If you have a lovely pair of breasts, draw eyes to them with a special necklace.

7. Belt or no belt?

That would depend on your figure. Though belts are generally in style, in case you’re wider in the middle, you’d better not wear any, no matter how promising they look. What a belt would do is draw attention to your weak zone and that would probably make you feel uncomfortable. What’s more, it will make you feel your weak zone constantly and that would add up to the discomfort.

8.  The little black dress

It doesn’t have to be black or little, if you don’t like this sort of dresses, but you do need to have one outfit for formal occasions in which you know you look simply fabulous. This could be a flowing gown or a backless dress. Neither ever goes out of fashion and if a formal occasion presents itself, you won’t have to have a nervous breakdown unable to decide what to wear and unable to afford a last-minute shopping session in the high street.

9. Drop the heels 

High heel stilettos are undoubtedly attractive, but they are not exactly everyday-style shoes. To begin with, high heels are a strain on your feet. To continue, you risk trauma if you’re in a rush, regardless of how well you can walk on high heels. For the usual day, opt for flats or low-heeled shoes instead, and reserve the high heel stilettos and pumps for an evening out.

10. Stockinged or bare?

While it’s clear that sandals don’t go with stockings, unless you’re being bold and are combining high-heeled sandals with bright-colour stockings, which is perfectly fine, some ladies wear hosiery with open-toe shoes. This is not an unbreakable fashion rule but think about it: doesn’t it look just a tiny bit ridiculous?

11. Improvise

Never consider any fashion rule as set in stone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour combinations, textures and patterns. Actually, there’s just one rule you should always heed: don’t wear something just because it’s fashionable, wear it because it looks good on you.

What are your favorite fashion rules?

Stay happy!

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