10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Need for This Season  

If you’re anything like us, you get an insatiable craving for fashion as soon as the leaves start to drop. When the temperature cools, it means that we can start to accessorize, add layers, and generally get a little more creative than just sundresses and shorts. This year, there is no shortage of beautiful textures to choose from: velvet, satin, suede, and denim to name a few. It doesn’t matter if your signature style is grungy, elegant, or somewhere in between. The coolest pieces for this winter are versatile – they can be found at most price points, and can be adapted to fit any personal style.

A band t-shirt

From fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and Brandy Melville to the most hardcore of vintage boutiques, you can find band t-shirts nearly anywhere these days – and they are back in fashion in a big way. The best thing about wearing one is most definitely the versatility and range of choices. If The Grateful Dead are a little too rock and roll for your taste, opt for David Bowie or the Beatles. A band t-shirt can be easily styled with some ripped denim, and some laced boots. However, you can also contrast the band shirt attitude with a taffeta skirt, some heels, and a leather jacket. The options are endless, but you’ll end up looking cool no matter what else you wear.

A velvet tank dress

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you must know that the 90’s are back in full swing. Before you start panicking, don’t worry: it’s mainly the good stuff. No pencil thin brows, no cargo capris (whew). Just like the ubiquitous choker necklace that has been popping up everywhere and anywhere, the velvet tank dress is a fabulous nod to the 90’s that we are more than happy to welcome. Wear it solo for a slinky evening look, or pair it with a t-shirt or turtleneck and some chunky heels for a fashion-forward daytime outfit. And speaking of the choker – add that too! Throw on some delicate gold bracelets and embrace the Kylie matte lip kit, and you’re transported back to yesteryear with all the freshness of 2016.

A silk blouse

Ugh, we love this one. First of all, it’s impossible not to feel like an elegant and luxurious Kate Moss in a slinky silk blouse. Also, it’s so easy to wear. Dress your blouse down with some cute light-wash boyfriend jeans, or dress it up with some culottes or a midi skirt. If you feel like going full 90’s goddess, find a matching pair of silk trousers and work it.

Over the knee boots

These bad-boys were thrust into the limelight last season by Stuart Weitzman, and now every other brand is following suit. While you can find OTN boots in any material, black suede is the classic go-to. The OG Stuart Weitzman style has a string tie, but there are now many options available with zippers, different heel styles, and of course – at more affordable price points. We totally get why they’re so sought-after, too – they’re sexy! They can be worn with a pair of jeans, some leather leggings, or even some tights and a short dress if you’re feeling fancy. No matter how you wear them, over the knee boots are sure to turn heads.

A Neck Scarf

Think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. A short, square scarf tied into a chic knot – this is the elegant response to the choker necklace. It’s playful, girly, and can be worn with nearly anything. Recently, Kendall Jenner has been a big fan of pairing the neck scarf with Bardot (off-the-shoulder) tops, and it couldn’t look more effortlessly chic. A neck scarf will also look incredibly fabulous with the aforementioned silky blouse. Play with colors, pattern, and make it your own!


Boho chic, fun, and flowery – and you can find it on just about everything right now. Embroidery is huge, from embroidery on over-sized blouses, to bomber jackets, to army coats. It’s a great way to add a feminine flair to traditionally masculine pieces, and it also adds a little vibrant pop of color and texture to any outfit. Go with an ornate dragon or peacock-embroidered silk bomber jacket for a big impact, or try a subtle flower pattern on a cute blouse for a more office-appropriate look.

Fishnet tights

Okay, we know fishnet tights aren’t exactly new – but they add the perfect touch of grunge and edge to many pieces that are super hot right now. Try layering a pair of fishnets underneath your ripped high-waisted jeans, so that the fishnet can only be seen through the rips. For a big va-va-voom, add some fishnets underneath a pair of over-the-knee boots, and enjoy turning many heads. You can even add fishnet tights to an outfit with a silk or velvet dress, and create a great contrast between texture, style, and tone.

High-waisted jeans

We give you full permission: mom it up! Mom jeans are back in style with a fiery exuberance, and they are in stores everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of Levi’s or the uber cool Khloe Kardashian Good American threads, you can find a good pair of mom jeans at just about every store and price point. Don’t feel like making the full commitment to ‘mom’ jeans? Yeah, we don’t blame you – the 80’s have left us a little traumatized as well. Try opting for ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ jeans – they have the cool edge, with a waistline that’s a little less scary.

An army jacket

Does this piece ever, ever go out of style? We vote no. An army jacket is just about the coolest piece of grunge wear that a girl can own. It’s durable, versatile, can be dressed up or down, and it makes you look so darn cool! Add some different textures underneath like silk or velvet, and pair your jacket with a pair of Tom Cruise aviators. Class the jacket up with a pair of high-heeled boots, or go punk with a pair of Doc Martens. Don’t forget to thrift-shop for a few patches to add on – it’ll add your own personality to the jacket, and make the look your own.

Chunky velvet ankle boots

Very specific, we know. This September trend has taken the fashion world by storm; hitting all the runways and trickling down from high-end designers to the high street shops. Here’s why we think they’re great – they’re easy to walk in, they have a cool, retro vibe, and they can be the centerpiece to an entire outfit. Throw on a pair of green velvet ankle boots with your favorite John Lennon Ray-Bans, and let nearby fashionistas drool over your cool factor.

Stay beautiful!

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