10 Wardrobe essentials every girl should have in her closet

All you need to do to avoid that “I have nothing to wear” moment, is to make sure that you have some of the timeless classics in your wardrobe that will see you through any occasion. With just a few wardrobe staples, you can create many different outfits and you will never be hunting for a last minute solution again. These are the things that never go out of fashion and the ones that you can use from one season to the next. These are the ten wardrobe essentials that every girl should have in her closet.

1. A pair of well fitted jeans

Every girl probably already has at least one pair of jeans on their wardrobe, but we are talking about the pair that fit you just the way you want them to. They may cost a little bit more than the average pair of jeans, but if you have just one really good pair of jeans, then you have a fall back for just about every casual occasion you could think of.

2. A tailored blazer

Blazers are those things that you can adapt for many different looks. You can dress up jeans, wear them with a skirt, you can wear them to work, and they work just as well in the evenings as they do during the day. If you chose a fairly neutral colour, like a navy blue, then your tailored blazer can be worn with all kinds of different patterns and colours and it will become a firm favourite in your collection of wardrobe essentials.

3. A collection of scarves

Scarves can add so much to an outfit, so every girl really ought to have a reasonable sized collection of them in their wardrobe. Scarves do a lot more than just keep your warm, a scarf adds colour and interest to an otherwise plain top and it lets you add your own personality to an outfit. Plain or patterned, thick woollen, or silk, a scarf can transform any look instantly.

4. A pair of black heels

Even if don’t wear heels very often, a simple pair of black pumps will stand you in good stead. Whether you use them for evenings out, or with a smart suit for your next job interview, you will be glad you invested in a pair of black heels. They are smart and understated, and they add a touch of class to any outfit, casual or formal.

5. White dress shirt

One of the classic wardrobe essentials that you will use time and time again is a simple white dress shirt. A good white shirt will go with anything and clash with nothing. Let’s face it; what doesn’t go with a white shirt? Wear it with jeans in the summer, or with a business suit at work. When all else fails, if you have a classic white dress shirt in your wardrobe, you will always have something to fall back on, when nothing else seems to match with the rest of your outfit.

6. A clutch bag

A good sized clutch bag is another one of fabulous wardrobe essentials that we would recommend. Find a clutch bag that you can fit your makeup and essentials in and you will have wardrobe item that can turn the ordinary outfit into something special. It will work for a lunch meeting, as well as it will for cocktails in the evening and they always look so sophisticated and chic.

7. A clinch-at-the-waist belt

The hourglass body shape is still the one that most people would love to have, so if you have the waistline for it, make the most of your figure with a belt that highlights your waist. A belt breaks up an outfit and can be used with plain or patterned clothes. Skinny or wide, a tight fitting belt can breathe a breath of fresh air into an outfit and make all the difference to your look.

8. A little black dress

It had to be here didn’t it? Ever since Coco Chanel invented the little black dress in the 1920s, it has been one of those wardrobe essentials that everyone agrees that every girl should own. The whole idea behind the LBD and that it was simple, elegant and affordable, and it could be dressed up with jewellery for evening wear, or dressed down for day wear. That’s still as true today as it was over ninety years ago when Coco Chanel first came up with the idea.

9. A well fitted bra

If we are talking about wardrobe essentials, then we have to include a good, properly fitted bra. A good bra that gives you the proper support will make any outfit look great and it will make you feel fantastic too. Statistics show that a vast number of women wear the wrong sized bra, so get a bra fitted properly at a good store and you will be able to see and feel the difference!

10. A pair of flats

For those days when you want to give your feet a rest from heels, a pair of flat pumps is what you need in your wardrobe. Whatever other shoe trends may be in at the time, you will never look out of place in a pair of simple flat pumps.

What are your favourite wardrobe essentials?

Stay beautiful!

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