10 Useful fall fashion tips for girls

As we prepare to wrap up warm for the winter, let’s first take a look at what’s in and what’s out this fall! Here are a few tips on what is setting the trends this autumn and how to make the most of the latest looks:

1. Outsize sweaters

Big and baggy, that’s the order of the day for sweaters this fall. Oversize sweaters were seen in abundance on the runways, mostly worn with skirts, and that’s an easy and comfortable trend for anyone to follow.

2. 60’s miniskirts

The mod influence of the sixties is still with us and that means miniskirts! Not quite so practical for the breezy autumn months, but who said fashion has to always be practical?!

3. Statement boots

Make boots a focal point this fall. Most designers seem to have gone for knee high boots but they weren’t subtle. Many of them chose interesting textures and eye popping colours to make a statement with their boots.

4. Fur and leather

Hugely practical, fur and leather were also much in evidence this season. Patchwork, colourful fur coats, worn with a pair of blue jeans, will bring a bit of the seventies to fall 2014.

5. Muffs

They date back to the 16th century, but fur muffs are still going strong! They look great on a night out and, with the addition by some designers of a strap or by attaching them to your coat, you won’t lose them either.

6. The colour of fall is red!

If you are looking for the one colour that will appear everywhere this fall, then that will be the colour red. Red separates, red accessories or red all over, this is the season for all shades of red.

7. Blanket coats and ponchos

An incredible number of designers have included classic ponchos and blanket coasts in their fall collections. Simple, stylish and very practical as the weather turns colder!

8. “Normcore”

‘Normcore’ if you haven’t heard of it before, is the current trend to dress hard-core normal! In fact, this trend is an anti-trend, and it means having a hard-core attitude to dressing in normal, unpretentious, average-looking everyday clothes.

9. Brighten up your autumnal colours

Autumn colours don’t have to be drab. Brighten up your fall wardrobe with some more vibrant shades of orange, yellow and combine them with some blue, green and, of course red, to create an autumnal look that isn’t boring.

10. Woodland prints

And finally, think golden leaved trees and wild forests, when you are looking for printed fabrics. Getting back to nature with leaf and floral designs along with cute foxes and squirrels will be the way to create a folksy, relaxed look for this fall.

What are your favorite fall fashion tips?

Stay happy!

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