10 Things that only girls who never wear heels understand

There really is nothing great to say about high heels, is there? Sure, they make your legs look longer, they make you look taller, they make you feel more confident, and men love you in them, but apart from that; what’s so good about heels? Is it really worth all the pain and discomfort that heels bring with them when you can get through a whole day in a pair of flats, and never once have to suffer the indignity of having to take your shoes off, or worse, falling flat on your back? Some girls have tried and failed, some have never even bothered, but here are ten things that all girls who don’t wear heels will understand.

1. The art of walking in heels is baffling

When you don’t wear heels, you do kind of get a fascination with those that do. You watch people run down the street without tripping and you feel you should give them a round of applause. Wearing heels gracefully is like juggling, or walking a tightrope. It’s an art that not everyone can master.

2. They do secretly try them on

Once in while the non-heel wearer does get a little curious about high heels. They sneak into stores and try out a pair of three inch heels. They walk up and down and check themselves out on the mirror, while they wonder what it would be like to wear them on a night out. Then they do a reality check put the heels back, and they return to looking at the comfy flats.

3. They assure themselves that flats look just as good as heels

Girls who can’t walk in heels will be the first to tell you, and everyone else, that flats can look just as good as high heels. That’s not to say that there are some nights when they are just about to go out that they wished, just a little bit, that they had persevered with learning how to walk in heels.

4. They quietly gloat when they see you in pain

Girls who never wear heels have all their fears confirmed when they see a high heel wearer grimace in pain as they slip off their shoes. They have no pity for the wearer of heels, though; they quietly gloat to themselves and think: “Ha! I knew I was right all along!”

5. They don’t hate heels; they just never got the hang of wearing them

Most girls who never wear heels don’t hate them, or have a big hang about them; they just never learned how to walk in them and so have never seen the point in trying. It’s probably one of those things that you have to learn young, when your bones are still flexible enough to cope with the falls!

6. They learn how to walk on tiptoes

If there is one disadvantage to not wearing heels, it’s that you do rather tend to end up being the shortest in the group every time you go out. Non heel wearers have a trick to get around that one though; they just learn to walk and stand on the balls of their feet. It’s not that hard to learn how to do, and it’s a lot less painful than wearing heels.

7. They do have a pair of heels in the wardrobe

Most girls who hate heels do have at least one pair stashed at the back of their wardrobe. These will usually be the shoes that they bought to go with a wedding outfit. The memories of that painful and awkward day are still fresh in the mind, though, so they won’t want to be repeating the experience anytime soon.

8. They occasionally convince themselves that heels can’t be as painful as they remember

Once in a while, girls that don’t get in with heels have temporary memory lapses and they convince themselves that wearing high heels can’t be anything like as painful as they thought they were. This heel amnesia only lasts for the first few hours into an evening out, though, and then those memories come flooding back again.

9. They know that heels feel great, for about ten minutes

Heel haters do know that heels look great and make you feel special, but they also know that feeling wears off quickly too. It’s not the stepping out of the taxi that is problematic; it’s the getting back into one at the end of the night that is the killer and that’s why they won’t be the ones standing barefoot in the middle of night hailing a cab.

10. They know that heels are torture

Girls that never wear heels have been there, tried it and suffered the pain. They’ve hobbled across slippery floors and they’ve teetered on the edge of disaster on flights of stairs. That’s why they are smiling at you now, because they know that all you want to do is take off those heels.

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