10 Super Clever Tips On How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Want the perfect pins that seem to stretch on endlessly? Want super model legs that get the boys’ attention in the bars and clubs? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to make your legs look longer with 10 super clever tips that anyone can implement.

Long legs are something many girls dream about. We look on with envy at long-legged beauties such as Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, wondering would it be possible to do something to achieve similar result.


The thing is, most women – including the stars in the glossy magazines – have created an illusion, so that their legs appear to be longer than they actually are.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the height of these petite women. If Sarah Jessica Parker’s limbs really were that long, she wouldn’t be just 1.6 metres! And, hey, if she can create an illusion, so can you.

Here are 10 super duper clever tips on how to make your legs look longer.

Wear Skirts And Dresses

Feel more comfortable in pants? You might have to leave your comfort zone if you want to create the illusion of longer legs. The problem with trousers is that they make it very obvious where the the leg begins. You can see it – everyone can see it.

Skirts – and dresses in particular – are different. Most of the time, you can’t tell where the leg begins. Excellent.

We recommend that you wear A-line or pencil skirts for maximum effect. And avoid shorts at all costs. They’re a big no-no right now.

Wear Fussy Free Trousers

Okay, you’re in love with trousers. We get it. You prefer them because they’re more comfortable, and you think you just suit them better. That’s totally cool. We at Beauty and Tips love them, too. But if you are to wear trousers all the time, it’s important that you wear the right ones that make your legs look longer, rather than shorter.

Fussy-free trousers can help to this end. They make for a smooth, clean silhouette that helps to create the illusion of longer legs.

Trousers that have too much detail create the opposite effect. Avoid.

Go High

This is such an easy style hack for longer legs that you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner. But first, how high do you you usually wear your pant and skirts? Or, should we ask, how low?

If your pants and skirts are low-waisted, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice and missing out on a huge opportunity.

If you Google pictures of Victoria Beckham, you’ll notice how these women like to wear high-waisted skirts and pants. It creates a visual trick that makes us believe these women have really long legs. When all they’ve really done is pulled their pants up!

Try it. Make us believe that your legs begin at your waist. Bet you wish you’d have thought of this one earlier, huh? Oh well, you know it now!

Go Monochrome

How many colours do you usually like to wear at any one time? More than one? More than two?

Gulp – more than three?!

The more colours you wear, the more it appears that you have shorter legs. Instead, you should aim for a visual line that’s uninterrupted, and you can do this by sporting the monochrome look. Don’t stop at your ankles and feet either.

Go For Nude Shoes

You’ve probably worn nude tights at some point, and you’ve definitely applied nude lipstick. But have you ever bought nude shoes?

Nude shoes are “in” for women who want to look like they have longer legs. Why? Think about it: When your shoes match your skin tone, they create the impression of an uninterrupted line from your knees to your feet. In other words, this trick makes your legs look longer than they really are.

If, however, you’re planning on wearing trousers, you should aim for matching shoe colours.

Try to avoid anklets, as they’ll create the impression of shorter legs.

Show Off Your Legs

If we’re not too keen on our legs, we tend to want to keep them covered up. If we’re not wearing trousers, we at least wear skirts that are long.

The problem with longer skirts is that it makes you looks look much shorter. Not cool.

If you can, wear shorter skirts. Show your legs off from above the knee and all the way down.

It might take you a while to get used to wearing such short skirts at first, but it will be well worth it. Short skirts always make your legs look longer. And we’re sure that you have really pretty legs. 🙂

Tuck Your Tops In

Long tops that you let hang loose down past your waist serve to shorten you. Not cool.

Tops that you tuck into your pants or skirts, on the other hand, make your legs look a lot longer. Again, this is such a simple trick that you’re probably kicking yourself for not thinking of earlier. Don’t worry. We all make mistakes (except us).

Go For Longer Hems

Touch with the floor with longer hems. They’ll create the visual impression you’re looking for, especially if you match them up with heels.

Wear Vertical Lines

This is a simple design trick that you might not be aware of if you’ve never studied design.

If designers want to create the illusion of height, they employ vertical lines. Sounds so simple, right? It does – but it really works.

If you wear tops or bottoms with vertical stripes, you can easily create the illusion of longer legs.

Get Rid Of Ankle Straps

Anklets are quite popular. But if you want people to think that you have longer legs, you’ll need to ditch yours.

Anklets bisect your legs visually, creating the impression that you have short legs. Go the extreme opposite and instead wear low-cut pumps.

Do you have other tips on how to make your legs look longer?

Stay beautiful!

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