10 Summer fashion tips that will make you more elegant

Summer is definitely the time of the year when you feel you want to relax and wear casual clothing, but can you feel comfortable in hot weather and still look elegant? Well, just because it’s hot, that doesn’t mean that style and elegance have to disappear, because, with just a few additions to your wardrobe and a little bit of thought, you can dress up even the most casual summer outfit and make it look chic and elegant. If you want to dress down for summer, but still look great, here are ten fashion tips that will help you put some elegance in your summer style.

1. Wear a hat

Hats are both elegant and practical in the summer. They keep the sun off your head, so you won’t get heat stroke, and they keep it off your face too, so your makeup won’t run and you your face won’t turn bright red. Add a hat your summer ensemble and it will instantly add a touch of glamour to any outfit, especially if you are it at a jaunty angle.

2. Don’t be shy about colour

The summer is the season that is full of vibrant colours, so don’t be afraid to reflect that in your choice of clothes. Take a leaf out of nature’s book this summer and try some bright colours, such as canary yellow or aquamarine blue. Bright blocks of colour look stunning and the hat that we mentioned will finish off a colourful outfit beautifully.

3. Put on your heels

Wearing heels with an outfit is an easy way to add some elegance to your summer style. There’s no need to go for the highest heels you can find, though, go for a heel that you will feel comfortable in and that you can walk easily in. You want to look elegant, but it’s still the summer, so you want to able to relax as well.

4. Go Victorian

While we are talking about summer elegance, let’s take a look at some of the trending styles for this summer. One look that will definitely be in this summer is Victorian influenced styles. Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean you have to adopt the “We are not amused” demeanour of Queen Victoria herself, it means lots of lace, ruffles, high collars, puffy sleeves and floral designs. It’s a very feminine look and it’s very, very, elegant.

5. The little white dress

Many of the top designers have also featured little white dresses in their summer collections this year. A-line dresses for the more petite figure and mini length-dresses for the fuller figure were all on display. It was a definite move away from the darker fabrics for most of the designers and it’s a wonderfully pretty and elegant look, as well as being very practical on the really hot days.

6. Pyjama Style Clothing

Pyjama influenced summer clothing has been growing popularity over the past few years and this season seems to be set to continue with that trend. Loose fitting, flowing garments that resemble nighties or silk pyjamas don’t look as out of place when worn as daywear, as you might have thought. This type of clothing is also very cool to wear, so it’s ideal for those hot, sticky midsummer days.

7. There’s always denim

Denim can look elegant and it’s always in fashion. It’s probably better if you avoid distressed denim, especially, if you want to create an elegant look, but a smart pair of jeans and a plain white shirt can look very chic and trendy. It would appear the designers agree that denim is here to stay as well. There have been plenty denim skirts, tops and jeans included in the summer collections this year.

8. Oversized sunglasses

If there is one accessory that will always add glamour and drama to an outfit, it’s a pair of oversized shades. Sunglasses can make anything look glamourous and they also add a bit of mystery to a look as well. Victoria Beckham pulls this look off wonderfully, so check out some of the styles of sunglasses that she has worn for some great ideas.

9. Red lipstick

Seductive and elegant, red lipstick is another one of those things that will always look great on any woman and it can add something to any outfit. If you’ve always been shy about wearing red lipstick, get down to the makeup counter of a store and take  a look at the amazing array of different shades that are available. We guarantee that you will find a shade to suit you and one that will add a touch of glamour to your summer style.

10. Carry a clutch bag

A clutch bag is another way to add elegance to a summer outfit. We all tend to carry around large bags these days, but they don’t look as chic as a small clutch. Take a look what you are carrying around with you and you’ll probably find that you could reduce the load. A dainty little clutch bag looks so feminine and it will definitely add a touch of style to your summer look.

What are your favorite summer fashion tips?

Stay beautiful!

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