10 Style tips on how to make your legs longer

If you have ever looked at other girls legs and wished that yours were as long as theirs, don’t despair, because even if you weren’t born with long, slender legs, there are plenty of ways that you can make your legs look longer than they really are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is the length of the legs! Read on, and you will find ten great tips that will teach you how you can fool the eye and make your legs look much longer.

1. High waistlines

The shorter the skirt you wear, the longer your legs will appear to be, but there’s only so far you can go with that, without catching a cold! What you can do, however, is make your waist appear to be higher than it really is by wearing higher waists. Skirts with high waists will give the impression that your legs are longer than they really are and you can do the same with shorts as well.

2. Black stockings

Another good style tip on how to make your legs longer is to wear black stockings. Black stockings are sexy and elegant and they also slim your legs and make them look significantly longer. The black stockings will nicely hide any imperfections on your legs and the dark colour really does have the almost magical ability to make your legs look a lot thinner and much longer.

3. Bronzer

Another tip on how to make your legs longer and appear slimmer is to use a touch of bronzer on your legs. If you apply bronzer down the length of your shinbone, it will work in the same way as contouring on your face does and make your legs look sleek and slender. If you don’t have any bronzer to hand, highlighter, or even bronze coloured eyeshadow, will do the trick just as well.

4. Nude heels

Heels will, of course, make your legs look longer and make you look taller, but nothing works quite so well as nude heels. If you wear nude heels, no one can see where your legs end and your feet begin, so it looks like your legs go on and on. Coloured heels, on the other hand, draw a distinct line between your feet and your legs, so they are not so effective. Even flesh coloured flats will help to add an inch or so to how long your legs look.

5. A-line skirts

Another great tip on how to make your legs longer is to wear A-line skirts. The way that A-line dresses and skirts clinch in tightly at the waist and then flare out again, provide another easy way to make your legs look longer. The length of the skirt doesn’t really make any difference; it’s the shape that counts. The other great thing about A-line skirts is that they also accentuate the waist and make it look smaller.

6. Skinny jeans

Trousers and jeans work the opposite way round to how skirts do, in that, if they are wider at the bottom, they will make your legs look shorter, which is why the best cut of jeans for elongating the legs are dark coloured skinny jeans. If you buy jeans that are just a little too long for you and you wear them with heels, then that will make your legs look even longer. Just don’t have them so long that you keep treading on them.

7. Don’t wear skirts with horizontal detailing

Any type of horizontal detailing on either trousers or skirts will work against you if you are trying to make your legs look longer. Things like horizontal seams, or ruffles, will have the effect of cut your body into smaller segments, making your legs look shorter. You should be looking to achieve a smooth vertical profile that draws the eye up and down.

8. Asymmetrical hems

Another style tip on how to make your legs longer is to wear asymmetrical hems. Not everyone likes them, because some people think they can look a bit rough and ready, but they do have the effect of making your legs look longer. When a hem isn’t perfectly horizontal, it can play tricks on the eye and make it impossible to see where the leg actually begins and it gives the impression that there is more leg than there actually is.

9. Match your shoe colour to the colour of your trousers

Here is another good tip on how to make your legs longer: when you wear trousers or jeans, try and match your shoe colour to the colour of your trousers. This works in the same way as wearing nude shoes with skirts. It blurs the distinction between your feet and your legs and makes your legs appear to be longer.

10. Keep your shirts tucked in

Our final tip on how to make your legs longer is simply to always tuck your shirts in at the waist. If you have your shirt loose over your waist, it will make your torso look longer and your legs look shorter.

What are your best tips on how to make your legs longer?

Stay beautiful!

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