10 Shoe tips, tricks and hacks every girl needs to know

Flat ones, high ones, black ones and open ones; there are so many variations of shoes, it’s no wonder that we love them and most of us have a good sized collection of shoes. Shoes can add a new dimension to an outfit and make us feel great, but, shoes do bring their own set of problems with them too. They get scuffed and chipped, they can be difficult to store, and they also can be pretty uncomfortable to wear sometimes too. If you are a shoe addict, here are ten amazing shoe tips, tricks and hacks every girl needs to know.

1. Stretch new shoes to fit

Wearing in a new pair of shoes can leave you with sore feet and even blisters sometimes. You can easily stretch a new pair of shoes, and make them softer to wear, by placing a freezer bag filled with water in each one and leaving the shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will expand when it freezes and it will stretch the shoes out a little bit for you.

2. Always try on new shoes in the afternoons

Yes, you did read that right and no, it’s not so that you’ll find a bargain! The reason that you should always go shoe shopping in the afternoon is that your feet swell up during the day. So, if you want to get most comfortable fit for your shoes, try them on when your feet are at their largest, which is in the afternoon or in the evening.

3. Remove scuffs with Vaseline

If you get a scuff mark on your shiny patent leather shoes, the best way to remove it is with petroleum jelly. Dip the corner of a cloth into vaseline and then gently rub away at the scuff mark and watch it disappear!

4. Sandpaper the bottom of new shoes

If you are planning on hitting the dance floor in a brand new pair of shoes, then give the soles of the shows a rub with some fine sandpaper before you go out. This will remove the glossy finish on the soles of your shoes and stop you slipping up and making a spectacle of yourself

5. Use teabags to remove bad odours

Anyone’s shoes can get smelly sometimes, especially gym shoes, so here are a couple of tips on how to get rid of odour from shoes. Put a tea bag in each shoe and leave it overnight and the teabags will absorb the smell. You can also sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in your shoes before you put them on and it will help to stop any unpleasant odours developing during the day.

6. Clean suede shoes with bread

If you are unsure how to remove marks from your favourite pair of suede shoes without ruining them, then here’s a simple tip to solve that one. Take the crust from a slice of bread and rub the inside of the crust against the mark on your shoes. It will clean off any marks and scuffs and it won’t damage the suede at all.

7. Clean tennis shoes with nail polish remover

The rubber edges of the soles of tennis shoes and sneakers can soon get covered in scuff marks and stains that can make them look really scruffy and old, even though the uppers of the shoes are perfectly respectable. You can give tennis shoes and sneakers a new lease of life by wiping nail polish around the outer edges of the soles. That will quickly lift any dirt and remove the scuff marks.

8. Break in new shoes in with a hair dryer

To stop new shoes pinching and causing blisters, get out your hair dryer and a thick pair of socks. Put your new shoes on, over the top of your thick socks, and then, wherever you feel the shoes pinching, or they feel too tight, give them a blast with the hair dryer while wiggling your feet around. The heat will soften the leather and hep fit the shoe better to your foot.

9. Use hairspray to stop your feet slipping out of shoes

If your shoes are just that little bit too big for you and you keep slipping out of the front or back of them, spray your feet with a very light coating of hairspray before you put the shoes on. This will make your feet, just sticky enough, to keep your shoes in place on your feet.

10. Use vinegar to remove stains from leather shoes

Here’s a simple way to remove stains from leather shoes. Take an old toothbrush and dip it in vinegar and then gently scrub the stain. Vinegar dissolves most things that you are likely to get in your shoes, but don’t scrub the shoes too hard, or you will be left with a scuff mark instead of the stain.

What are your favorite shoe tips?

Stay beautiful!

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