10 Runway fashion trends for Fall 2014

Predicting the overriding fashion trends for fall 2014 is not an easy task, as themes on the runways have been so varied, but, as you’d expect for fall, coats have played a big part but their prominence has been even greater than in past years. Add to that, a definite swinging sixties feel along with a warm and cosy look and you’ll get a rough idea. Here are just some of the highlights from the runways for fall 2014:

1. Mod inspired

When you think of the mods in the 1960’s, you think of Twiggy, high boots and miniskirts that most women wouldn’t wear today. The trend here though was not so garish and unwearable; it was more a subtle hint of the mod era in the contemporary looks of today.

2. Big Boots

The boots of last fall are with us again. This time, though, the boots are not meant to blend in but rather, make a statement. Most designers who featured boots have opted for very eye catching colours, unusual textures and some pretty cool looking details to catch the eye.

3. Layered knitwear

Layered knitwear was a feature of some designers for fall 2014. You might think of layered knitwear as being bulky and frumpy, but we are talking a much more sleek and slender look. Designers like Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein showed as that knitwear doesn’t have to be big and bulky.

4. Fluffy muffs

Out go the gloves for this fall, the retro muff is in! The muff is a trend that dates back to the 16th century and now it would seem that the furry muff is set to make a comeback.

5. Pastels

The nights may be closing in but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your wardrobe to dark and autumnal colours this year. Pastels in October may seem like an unusual idea, but Ralph Lauren pulled it off with pastel hued tops over black bottoms.

6. Patchwork fur coats

More 70’s than 60’s, colourful patchwork fur coats made an appearance on a number of occasions. These fun coats might seem to be a bit garish, but pair it with a pair of jeans and a plain top and it looks great!

7. Blanket coats

There were blanket coats and ponchos everywhere! The most notable were Burberry’s blanket wraps, monogrammed with the models initials. These are expected to become a must have item for fall 2014.

8. Junk food inspired bags

Rather surprisingly, food was the inspiration for quite a few bags on the runways. Tony the Tiger, from Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes packaging made an appearance, as did McDonalds and bags that looked like Chinese takeout containers!

9. Oversize sweaters

Often paired with skirts of varied lengths, warm and cosy oversized sweaters were spotted on many of the fall 2014 runways. So much so that this look is being forecast, in some quarters, as being the standard look of the period.

10. Capes

Capes of all shapes and sizes were also on prominent display this fall. Some were classic and plain, while others had bold and wild patterns. Just remember to keep things balanced and if you do go for a statement cape, be sure to keep everything else simple.

Do you like to follow fashion trends in your way of dressing up or do you follow your own likes and preferences?

Stay beautiful!

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