10 Ridiculous fashion trends we hope will disappear in 2016

Let’s be honest, some of the fashion trends that come from the runways and from the celebrities are pretty ridiculous, aren’t they? Yet, still, these things do seem to catch on and we follow them. We all know that we should buy the outfits that we feel comfortable and wear the makeup that suits us, but who hasn’t been tempted to try some of the strangest fads that come around from time to time. Here are ten of the more recent fashion trends that we will all be glad to see the back of in 2016.

1. Coloured fur

If you want to brighten up your winter wardrobe there has to something better to do it with than coloured fur. Multi-coloured fur coats may make a splash on the runways, but doing your weekly supermarket shop in one is quite another thing. We vote to ban brightly coloured fur from the streets in 2016. What do you think?

2. 1970s Retro

Why repeat what has already been done? Sure, the 1970s was fun and flared jeans and one shoulder tops were cool, but that was then and that was more than 30 years ago. Retro vintage styles can be fun for a while, but don’t you think that the 70s retro thing has gone on for long enough. You might be forgiven for thinking that designers fall back on retro styles only when they can’t think of anything new for their collections.

3. Massive lips

The trend for huge pouts really must go, especially the obviously artificially created ones. If you have pouting lips, then that’s fine, but please don’t go for the trout pout look that some older celebrities have been doing. It doesn’t look sexy or attractive and the guys really don’t like it at all. You’d be better off with a nude lipstick or a touch of gloss.

4. Fast food fashion

We’ve had fast food bags, fast food hats, and fast food clothes, and now even the fast food outlets are releasing their own ranges of fast food fashion. It might look good on rock stars, but rocking up to work in a burger outfit is never going to look good for the rest of us. Fast food fashion is definitely one of those ridiculous fashion trends that deserve to fade away in 2016.

5. Over the top 3d nail art

Flamboyant nails are great for making a statement and of suits your personality, why not? Some of the more extreme 3d nail art that we have seen recently, though, is way, way too much. What is the point of nails that you can’t even perform the simplest of tasks with? 3d nail art has had its moment; it’s time to move on to something different.

6. Fedoras

If you have the style to pull off fedora, they can look great. This trend isn’t ridiculous for everyone, but, then again, nor does a fedora suit everyone. Check yourself in the mirror before you venture out with a fedora perched on the top of your head because, seriously, not many people can make them look all that great.

7. Glittery roots

We are not sure where this idea came from but, if you want to hide your roots, there are far better way to do it than covering them with glitter. Wear a hat, touch them up, or just let them grow out naturally. The glittery roots trend is one we can do without and one we hope just goes away, all by itself, in 2016.

8. Nose rings

It’s a mystery why Bull rings, or septum piercings, ever became popular at all. It doesn’t look cute or sexy and, try as you might, it will never look attractive. Somehow, a piercing of this kind just doesn’t look right; whatever you adorn it with. In fact, from a distance, most people with bull rings in their noses look like they are suffering with a bad cold and could use a handkerchief.

9. Sandals with socks

One of the most unusual of the recent trends has been the pairing of sandals with socks. Both men and women have been trying this out, but mostly with only very limited success. This is a trend that it would be wise to steer well clear of, because, if you get it wrong, it can make you look very silly indeed.

10. Hoof shoes

This trend takes creativity too far. There is no question that hoof shoes will make you look unique and people will do a double take when they see you in them, but that is no real reason to be wearing them! This is probably the craziest of the fashion trends of recent years and one that definitely deserves to die in 2016.

Stay beautiful!

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