10 Latest trends in fashion for 2015

With so many fashion shows and all the different fashion magazines that are available, it can be an impossible task to stay up to date with what is really trending in the world of fashion. So, if you are looking to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion, we have picked out our very own, top ten fashion trends of 2015 for you.

1. Cool Gingham

Taking an old style and making it new, gingham prints have been very much in evidence on the runways lately. Large prints, and smaller versions of the pattern, appeared in many types of outfits and designers have been revealing new ways to incorporate gingham into their creations.

2. The trouser suit

The trouser suit was another item in the spring fashion shows that was given a new lease of life. Not the stern looking, power dressing type, though, more whimsical, soft and flowing designs than you might have expected from a trouser suit. Cropped trousers on the suits have also been very popular.

3. Denim

Good old fashioned denim is back by the look of things too, and it’s definitely another one of latest fashion trends for 2015. Denim skirts, denim jackets, denim jumpsuits, you name it and it has been shown in denim! Denim has been made a showing in all the traditional colours and has often been adorned with sequins and other decorative additions and accessories.

4. Clogs

Whereas last summer was the year of the Birkenstock, it looks very like this summer it will be the heavier clog that is the sandal of choice. Open toed sandals and shoes, with heavy wooden heels and soles, were in evidence on the many of the models on the runways in the spring shows.

5. The festival look

There was very 1970’s feel to some of the outfits recently with many taking inspiration form the feel of a music festival. There has been lots of free flowing, comfortable to wear outfits that incorporated printed chiffon, large-print trousers and long flowing vests. All very ‘peace and love’ looking!

6. A hint of resistance

It’s not all been ‘make love not war’, though, in latest fashion trends for 2015. Some collections have had a distinctly military feel to them with a look of the resistance fighter, rather than the peace loving hippie. This has gone all the way from a subtle hint of fatigues, albeit adorned with lace, to the full blown camouflage pattern on some outfits.

7. Leather

Another one of latest fashion trends for 2015 is leather. Yes, we know it’s the summer and no one wants to wear hot sticky leather on a hot sunny day, but you tell the designers that! Leather jeans, leather skirts and even full length leather coats have been shown in the spring collections. There have been some dainty cut-out leather designs as well, though. So’ it’s not all bad news!

8. Flower power

More in line with most of expect for spring/summer wear, floral patterns have been a feature of collections. They were generally big and bold flowers, though, not at all the dainty flowers in pastel colours of yesteryear.

9. Flowing fringes

The spring and summer of 2015 will be all about movement and, to highlight movement, many of the top designers have incorporated fringes and tassels into their designs. Think along the lines of the fringe of tassels on a cowboy jacket and then apply that to skirts, dresses and shirts, and you’ll get the idea.

10. Baring the midriff

There have been a lot of bare tummies on display too!  Evening wear has moved on from the formal gown to the cropped top and long skirt. Only a tantalising flash of bare midriff, mind you, but enough to give an outfit a decidedly modern feel.

What are your favorite latest fashion trends for 2015?

Stay beautiful!

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