10 Inexpensive ways to refresh your wardrobe

As each season comes to an end, every woman wants to take a look at their wardrobe and make some changes. We can’t always afford to throw out the old and buy in the new, so sometimes we need to look for more affordable ways to update our outfits. Before you go maxing out your credit cards and regretting it later, take a look at these ten great tips on how you can freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

1. Check out what you already have

Before you spend even a single penny, take stock of what you already have hidden in the depths of your closet. Take everything out and organise it into groups of jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses, blouses etc. You can mix and match items in ways that you haven’t done before and you can create a whole new look. Checking everything first will also stop you buying things that you don’t need.

2 Set a budget and write a list

Once you have worked out what you already have and what you need, decide on how much you want to spend and write out a list of the items that you need to buy. If you go shopping with a list in your hand, you won’t be so tempted to impulse buy and your budget will help to stop you overspending on extravagant items.

3. Shop during the week

If you can, take a day off work, and do your clothes shopping on weekdays. It will be a lot less busy, so you will be able to take your time hunting around for some bargains. You will also find that there are many more special offers and sale items available in the week than there will be on a weekend.

4. Head to the backs of the stores

When you first enter the store, that’s where you will see the latest and the most expensive additions to the store’s lines. If you head for the back, that’s where you will find the end of line items, seconds, and the discounted items. If you are serious about saving some money, ignore the items at the front of the store and stride your way straight through to the back and start there.

5. Have a swap party with friends

The cheapest way to refresh your wardrobe is to invite all your friends around for a swap party. Those items that you have become bored with could be just the thing that someone else has been looking for, so swap, and you all get something new for no cost at all.

6. Check out the charity stores

You can find some amazing bargains at your local charity store and you will be doing someone else some good at the same time. Have a good rummage around and you can find used designer clothes that hardly ever been worn. Some of the bigger stores also donate brand new items sometimes as well.

7. Buy out of season

This takes a bit of forward thinking, but if you buy your summer clothes in the fall, and your winter clothes in the spring, you are guaranteed to save money. Steer clear of the obvious items that are ‘this year’s thing’ and no one will notice the difference in a twelve months’ time. You might be, ever so slightly, out of fashion, but you will have saved yourself a packet.

8. Sign up to receive email promotions from stores

One woman’s spam is another woman’s ticket to cheap wardrobe! Most people check the box that says ‘no thanks’ when asked if they want to receive promotional emails. If you say ‘yes’ to a lot of your favourite stores, you’ll get a lot of emails in your inbox, but you’ll also get advance notice of sales and other amazing deals.

9. Make your own accessories

Take some of your old clothing and turn it into something new. The fabric from an old skirt can be turned into a scarf, or take some fabric from several different skirts and you could braid them together to make a trendy belt. If you hunt around, you will probably find a collection of beads that you can turn into a new necklace. All of these things are easy, no cost, ways to add something new to your wardrobe.

10. Put things into long term storage

Don’t forget that fashion does have a habit of repeating itself, so something that looks a bit outdated today, could be all the rage again in a couple of years’ time. If you spent good money on some items that are no longer quite chic enough to wear, store them away somewhere safe. In ten years’ time, those vintage items will be the in thing again.

Stay beautiful!

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