10 Hottest fashion and beauty trends for summer 2014

Every year, fashion designers from around the world use all their creativity to bring us new and exciting looks for the coming season. And, as we all know, what appears at the fashion shows, soon also appears on the streets; so to keep you one step ahead of the game, here are ten of the latest fashion and beauty trends for the summer of 2014. If there is any one overriding thing about this summer, it’s think the 1950’s; that’s where a lot the fashion ideas are coming from this year:

1. Shocking matte shades for your lips

The gloss is out and matte is in for the summer of 2014. Shocking, bright colours with a matte finish, like orange, red, burgundy and pink, with a minimum of other face makeup is a favoured look on the fashion circuit this year.

2. Artistic eyeliner

Dramatic eyeliner is also a trend to be seen in, and thick bold lines that extend outside of the corners of the eye are all in too. To get this look it’s best to experiment with smudge-free gel or liquid based liners to get the deep colour and the staying power that is needed.

3. Nail art is also in

Nail art was in for the last twelve months and it’s not about to go away this summer. Get artistic with every finger or go a more subtle with some art on just your ring finger; it’s a striking addition to your overall summer look for 2014.

4. Less is more in 2014

Making an appearance in many fashion shows, the natural look has taken the fashion world by storm this year. To get the flawless natural look, make use of concealers, eye creams and lip balms, but avoid bright blushes and dark eyeshadows.

5. Full length skirts

The top trend in skirts this summer are for the full length or tea length skirts. All kinds of different colours and patterns have been seen, but mostly the full length skirts for summer 2014 seems to be one of the more traditional and floral designs.

6. Crop-tops

A new staple for the summer wardrobe is the crop-top. Perfect for the warmer weather, they can be paired with shorts, maxi-skirts or just a pair of jeans. They’re fun, light and great for a casual wear on a summer evening.

7. Small bags

You’re going to need to compromise on your must have list of makeup items to take out with you this year, as small bags are in. Little side bags are in, so all you can probably take is your phone, your wallet and a lipstick!

8. Summer wedges

Wedges are ideal for any summer and are definitely in for 2014. Wear them to work, to dinner or for a party and they’re so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice that you have them on. So make the most of these versatile summer sandals, while the weather is till good.

9. The Bronzed look

Having said that the natural look is the look to have for summer 2014, it’s a naturally tanned look that has gone down really well. Add a touch of bronzer to your face and maybe also add a tiny splash of colour with some peachy blusher; this will give you the natural summer look.

10. Sleek hair

Big hair is out and short or sleek hair is in. You don’t need to have your hair cut, if you don’t want to, but the look for the summer is controlled and sleek, so a tight ponytail or fishtail braids are the type of things that trendy girls are going for.

What other hottest fashion and beauty trends for summer 2014 did we forget to mention?

Feel free to share your fashion, style and makeup tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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