10 Fashion tips for trendy girls who want to look effortlessly chic

Being a fashionista is a full time job. Which shoes should you wear with those culottes? Is head to toe leopard print cool or do you look like Scary Spice? It takes a lot of planning, effort and money to look your best 24/7, and most of us don’t live in a time-rich world with lots of money at our disposal (sadly). Don’t panic – we’ve got ten quick tips that’ll have you looking hot to trot in no time. Just call us the fashion fairy!

The half tuck

A really simple and cool way to update an outfit is to think about the shape of your shirt when it’s tucked in. If your shirt has buttons, why not leave the bottom few loose, and tuck in one side à la the stars of the front row? This works particularly well with a plain white boyfriend shirt, tucked into your favourite pair of denim jeans. Pair the look with some cute mules and a no-fuss bag – simplicity with the rest of your look is key.

Cat-eye Shades

Sunglasses are the fashionista’s secret weapon. Hungover? Throw some shades on. Tired? Get those sunnies on your face ASAP. Recently, sunglasses have become the accessory du jour, and high street stores like Topshop and H&M have really upped their game in terms of shapes and styles. The cat-eye is an absolute classic and nostalgic look which conjures up images of 70’s film stars lounging in the sun. Grab your own slice of paradise with a cat-eye shaped pair, and finish the look with a Bardot beehive for effortless glamour.

Drape your jacket

Ever noticed how many F.R.O.W regulars drape their jackets over their shoulders instead of putting their arms through? It’s the easiest and most simple way to take your look from casual to extra, and it doesn’t cost a thing. This look works best with oversized leather jackets, layered over a strappy spaghetti top or a cool slip dress. If you’re after rock star chic – then this is the look for you.

Do as the French do

The French are a nation of effortless elegance. Their classic, simplistic style always seems to be cited in articles referencing chic fashion – and for good reason. Our European cousins live by the ‘less is more’ rule, opting for classic grey, black, white and navy palettes. If you want to take a leaf out of their book, try looking for good, quality key pieces that you can wear a number of ways. A capsule wardrobe is the key to a simple, statement wardrobe – and it’s an economical way to live too. If you’re watching the pennies, buying classic pieces in subtle, muted colours is the perfect way to ensure you’ve got a look for each day – without emptying your bank account.

A low heel is your friend

Long gone are the days when we would scoff at low heels, reserving them purely for the unfashionable or the elderly. The sling backs that you might’ve seen on your grandmother growing up are now in fashion, and we better get used to it! Chanel’s sling backs have begun to fly off the shelves in recent years, and they can be yours for the princely sum of £570. If you’re not convinced enough to pay a month’s rent for them, pick up a pair from a thrift shop and see how you get on. We think you’ll be converted! Pair your new found passion for low heels with a fitted cigarette pant and a fresh wave of confidence.

Size matters

When your goal is to look chic, you need to pay attention to the lines of the clothes you’re wearing. A dress may look beautiful on the hanger, but if it doesn’t flatter your figure in the changing rooms – it’s not going to boost your confidence or have you feeling fabulous. Don’t be afraid to size up or down from shop to shop in order to get the right fit for you either, and remember that what matters most is how you feel in an item.

Establish a signature style

True style mavens are those who have a tried and tested style that just works. A well-kept wardrobe should be crafted, not tossed together. Rather than focusing on what’s new in stores, take some time to analyse your wardrobe and identify your favourite pieces. What do they have in common? It could be the lines, the colour or the print. Once you learn what you like, stick with it, and people will be sure to remember you as the fashion icon you truly are.

Layer it up

A cost-effective and cool way to look effortless is to layer, layer, layer. Pop a plain t-shirt underneath a cami dress for an instant hit of cool, or try tucking a collared shirt underneath your favourite sweater. Layering takes little effort, but immediately updates your look. There’s an endless amount of combinations waiting for you in your wardrobe – so go play!

Earn your stripes

A Breton top is the ultimate must-have item in any chic girl’s arsenal. Made famous by our previously mentioned French cousins, the Breton is a classic that just keeps on giving. It’s the perfect top to wear both to the office and afternoon cocktails, and when paired with a good manicure, the look is undefeatable.

Pay attention to your hair and make-up

When your clothes are your pride and joy, you want to make sure that nothing’s taking the focus off your hard-earned work. If you’ve spent lots of time curating the perfect look, you should ensure your hair and make-up compliment and don’t distract from it. As a general rule – if you’ve got a bold print on, try a simple lip and a sleek hair-do. To compliment a simple outfit, you could opt for ‘just rolled out of bed’ curls and barely there make-up.

The above fashion tips are sure to have you looking effortless and polished, and we hope you enjoyed them. Most of all, fashion should be fun. If you dress the way you want to, you’re bound to radiate confidence – something that’s always chic. If you’ve got any tips of your own, please do tell us in the comments below – we love learning new tricks.

Stay beautiful!

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