10 Fashion tips for plus size women

Even in these, what should be, more enlightened times, many people in the fashion world have still apparently to realise that not all women have a Barbie like, slim figure. Well, that’s their problem, but we know that beautiful ladies come in all shapes and sizes and here are our top ten fashion tips for ladies with larger hips:

1. The wrap dress

The wrap dress can be worn with any figure, but it works well for girls with big hips. The wrap dress can create a fantastic hourglass shape by focussing attention on the waist. It’s also pretty good for hiding any extra lumps and bumps too!

2. Avoid tight fitting clothes

There’s a big difference between tight fitting and well fitted clothing. Most women can’t pull off really tight fitting clothing and if you have big hips, tight fitting clothing will accentuate your hips too much.

3. Avoid chunky shoes

The best shoes for a lady with big hips are sleek high heeled shoes. Chunky shoes will emphasise wide hips too much and flat shoes can make you look a bit frumpy. Heels of at least two inches will give the appearance of longer legs and a sleeker appearance.

4. Choose darker coloured jeans

You should avoid the lighter colours off jeans, especially the washed look jeans where the lighter shade of denim is usually found around the upper leg, which will draw the eye to the hip area. Instead, choose darker colours of denim which will have a more slimming effect. Jeans that are faded on the lower leg will also look great.

5. Lighter on the top, darker on the bottom

Another slimming technique that draws the eye to your top is to wear dark colours on the bottom and chose the lighter colours for your tops.

6. Don’t cover up with baggy clothing

Whatever a girls shape, oversized, baggy tops will make them look bigger. There is no need to hide your figure so choose semi-fitted or fitted clothes that will flatter your figure.

7. A line dress

They worked for Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and they will work for you! A-line dresses are perfect for the lady big hips because they clinch at the waist and then open towards the bottom, giving you a pretty little figure. Halter dresses also work well, especially if you are a bit bigger on top.

8. Avoid horizontal stripes

You should avoid wearing anything, on the top half or on the bottom half, that has horizontal stripes in the pattern. Stripes will make your hips look a lot larger than they really are. Remember the Michelin man?

9. Avoid jackets that end at the hip

To avoid highlighting the difference in the width of your waist and your hips, tops and jackets are best worn three quarter length so that they fall just below the hip line. Jackets are also best worn fitted, but not too tight.

10. Create a focal point at the top

To draw the attention away from your hips, to the bust area, wear dresses and tops that are embellished or embroidered. If you are going to wear a necklace, then wear one that is made up of multiple pieces, rather than one made of a solid design.

Do you want to share some other fashion tips for plus size women?

Stay happy!

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