10 Fashion items that will make you more attractive instantly 

Everyone knows that looking stylish and smart will turn a few heads, but who has the time to look perfect every time they go out? Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours in front of a mirror perfecting your makeup and you don’t need to have a closet full of designer clothes to choose from. What you need are a few fashion essentials that have been scientifically proven to make a woman more attractive to a man. Here are ten fashion items that any girl can add to her wardrobe to make them instantly more attractive to the guys.

1. Anything in red

Despite the fact that we often think of red as a sign of danger, science has proven that, men, in particular, are more attracted to people who wear red. You don’t even need to be dressed in red from head to toe; just one eye-catching item of red on your outfit will make a man look twice at you.

2. Heels

You either love them, or you hate them, but as painful as they might be to wear, high heels do add an instant boost to a woman’s attractiveness to men. A study that was conducted by in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour showed that there is a direct correlation between the height of a girls heels and the degree that they were attractive to men. The same study also found that heels make a man more likely to approach a woman too.

3. The little black dress

The little black dress is another wardrobe staple that is guaranteed to get the attention of the guys. The German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, once said that “One can never be too over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress”, which might help to explain the enduring appeal of the LBD. As well as the simple elegance of a little black dress, it could be the colour that makes it so attractive. Black is said to be associated with confidence, intelligence and with sexiness.

4. Lipstick

On the days when you just don’t have time for full makeup, a swipe of lipstick will make you instantly more attractive. Studies have shown that men actually prefer women who wear only a moderate amount of makeup and lipstick certainly will get you more attention. In one French study, it was found that when waitresses wore lipstick, men gave them bigger tips.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have more uses than just hiding tried eyes, although that can be very useful sometimes. Of course, they protect your eyes from the sun as well, but they also are a fashion statement that give a girl a bit of mystery. Men love a bit of intrigue and sunglasses are a sure way to spark a guy’s interest in you.

6. Bare shoulders

So, you thought that breasts were all men were interested in? Well, it turns out the bare shoulders will invariably gain you more attention from men. In a study that as conducted by the University of New South Wales, researchers found that men find shoulders and arms very attractive, so when the weather permits, break out those shoulder-bearing outfits.

7. Crop tops

A little flash of tummy will get you a long way too. A crop top is another way that you can bear just enough skin to get a guy interested and they look so cute too. Crop tops also convey a kind of innocence that many men find very attractive and they are not so over-the-top that they will scare some guys away.

8. Thigh high boots

Ankle boots look great, but its’s strange how, the higher up on your leg your boot goes, the sexier you feel, and the more admiring looks you get from the guys. Is there a scientific reason for this? We have no idea! What is for sure, though, is thigh high boots will definitely add something to your sex appeal.

9. Belts

Adding a belt to an outfit can make a huge difference to how you look and how you feel about yourself. Positioned in the right place, a belt accentuates your waist, breaks up an outfit and, if you are a bit self-conscious about your weight, it will make you look slimmer too. It’s only a small accessory, but a belt can really make an outfit look a whole lot me attractive and complete.

10. A tailored blazer

Whether you wear it with jeans, or with a skirt and top, a tailored blazer adds a certain chic style to any outfit. They also make you look and feel more confident and that confidence alone will make you instantly more attractive.

Stay beautiful!

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