10 Fascinating And Fun Fashion Facts

We all know the fashion world can be a little bit crazy sometimes. From streaky highlights in the nineties (what were we thinking?!) to the time we were wearing white suits with bras and thinking we looked good, fashion trends aren’t exactly in touch with normality.

But the craziness isn’t strictly limited to the ripped jeans your bonkers cousin wore at a wedding. Moreover, sometimes the craziness is a little bit fascinating and even a bit fun.

Yup, fashion is not always the super serious thing that pouting models on a catwalk would like you to believe it is. And in a celebration of the weird and wonderful world of fashion, here is a look at the top 10 fascinating and fun fashion facts.

Napoleon Was A Man Of Fashion

A lot of people know Napoleon Bonaparte as a steely, determine leader who conquered countries.

But it turns out that the Russian’s weren’t his only problem; he also had to contend with his disgusting soldiers wiping their noses on their own sleeves.

So revolted by this heinous crime against public decency, the legendary leader dreamt up a fashion gimmick that could solve the problem – buttons on the sleeves.

As such, the reason we still have button’s on our sleeves today is all because of Napoleon.

What a man!

(…if you ignore all the bad stuff he did…)

The Thong Originated In NYC

New York City has given us such delights as The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Christina Aguilera – and the thong.

While you’d be forgiven for assuming this skimpy piece of cloning originated in a hot climate where clothing is largely optional if you don’t want to overheat, it was created here in NYC during the Depression in the early nineties because strip club owners needed a way to cover up their exotic dancers without keeping them too covered up.

Et voila, the thong was dreamt up.

Marilyn Monroe Had Expensive Tastes

That dress Marilyn wore during JFK’s birthday celebrations? You like it, right? Maybe you’d like to buy it, huh?

It last sold in 1999 for $1.26 million.

It’s adorned in 6,000 rhinestones, after all.

There Are So Many Fashion Weeks And Events

I got invited to a fashion week once a few years ago and thought I was very special. I thought there were few people as special as me, and that only a select few of us ever get invited to these secret one-off events that occur once in a blue moon.

How deflated I felt when it turned out I was super wrong.

Another one of interesting fashion facts is that there are 40 fashion weeks every single year.

As well as 100 official events.

The most famous, of course, take place in London, Paris, Berlin, New York and Milan.

Doc Martens Had An Interesting Origin

Doc Martens is a company that was founded in 1947, not too long after the second world war had ended.

In 2016, it is one of the biggest footwear companies in the world. Everyone knows someone who’s owned a pair of “Doc’s”, and maybe you’ve had a pair yourself.

But while they’re no exactly cheap, they are definitely made from some very fine material that allows them to be as rugged as they are stylish.

The first ever pair, though, were not so stylish, and they weren’t composed of high quality material, either.

In fact, they were made from tyres.

Bras Have An Interesting Origin, Too

Where would women be without their bra? We all wear them, and it’s really hard to imagine what life would be without them.

Men, meanwhile, would probably feel liberated knowing they didn’t have to try to undo one ever again.

But have you ever stopped to think about where they came from?

It was actually a New York socialite named Mary Phelps who created the modern bra as we know and love it today. She patented her creation in 1914, but hers were very different from the ones we wear today.

They were made from handkerchiefs.

Interestingly, up to a quarter of western women claim they don’t wear a bra.

We Love Our Lipstick, Too

Thought your fashion obsession lies with shoes? Think again.

Individually, we get through around 6 pounds of lipstick in a singe lifetime.

… While Bikini’s Derive Their Name From A Military Base

It’s hard to think that there could be a connection between the bikini and the U.S. military but there is just one degree of separation between the pair.

When the bikini was first dreamt up halfway through the 20th century, its creator Louis Reard was super stuck for a name.

Evidently, he found his inspiration by looking at a map of world, eventually coming across a little known island called Bikini Atoll, which is where the American military tested their bombs during the second world war.

The name choice wasn’t completely random, though. Reard said he plumped for it because he wanted his new creation to shock the world like the atomic bomb had done.


Dresses And Skirts Are Not Just For Women

Former footballer and fashion fan David Beckham caused a sensation in 1998 when he was pictured going out for the night in a sarong (a skirt, basically).

Macho English football fans felt affronted and demanded he put some trousers on.

But although we deride men who wear skirts and dresses in the western world, there are parts of the world where men were them just as much as women. And no one bats an eyelid.

Models Are Still A Relatively New Thing

There have been numerous world famous models down the years who have been hired by the top fashion companies to showcase their latest creations.

Women such as Jerry Hall and Kate Moss have made a fortune dazzling catwalks and magazine covers with the latest Chanel or Louis Vutton.

But models didn’t exist until 1853, even though fashion designers had been in business since the 1500’s. So what did they use to showcase their latest works?

Miniature dolls, of course.

We Love T-Shirts

Men have a tendency to wear the same clothes for years and years. If you ask a guy when was the last time he bought a t-shirt, he’ll probably scratch his chin and say he can’t remember.

Another one of fun fashion facts is that, incredibly, we, as a collective, purchase over 2,000,000,000 t-shirts each year.

What are your favourite fashion facts?

Stay beautiful!

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