10 amazing clothing hacks that every girl should know about

If you’ve got a pair of uncomfortable shoes, jeans that don’t fit you anymore or you want to know how to waterproof canvas shoes, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve come up with ten of the best tips and tricks to get around some of those little annoyances that you can get with your clothes. Some of them are so simple; you will be wondering why you never thought of them yourself. Here are ten amazing clothing hacks that every girl needs to know.

1. Simple zipper fix

If you’ve got a pair of jeans that have a zipper that slips down, when you are wearing them, here’s a really easy way to stop that happening. Take the ring from a keychain and loop one end through the top of the zipper and then pop it over the button of your jeans. It will hold up the zipper and you won’t be able to see it, because it will be hidden underneath the denim.

2. How to stretch jeans to fit you better?

If you have gained a bit of weight or your jeans have shrunk there’s an easy way to stretch them, so they are not too tight. Put your jeans on, while they are damp, and wear them while you do some exercises like lunges and squats and then leave them to air dry when you have stretched them. When you put them back on, they will fit just fine.

3. How to stretch new shoes?

When you get a new pair of shoes home and find that they pinch you a bit, here’s an easy way to stretch them and put a little give into them. Fill a couple of sealable freezer bags with water, put one inside each shoe and leave the shoes in the freezer overnight. When the water freezes, it will expand and stretch out your shoes.

4. How to remove deodorant stains?

However careful you are getting dressed, you can sometimes get deodorant stains on the outside of your clothes and that can look horrible, especially, if you are wearing black or dark colours. One of the best clothing hacks to remove deodorant stains is to use baby wipes. One quick swipe and stain is gone and you won’t have a damp patch like you would if you tried to wash the stain off with water.

5. How to waterproof canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes are so comfortable to wear and light on your feet, but they are not so good if you get caught out in a shower of rain. If you want to make them waterproof, rub some beeswax over the canvas and then use a blow-dryer to melt and seal the wax. The next time it rains, the water will run straight off your shoes and your feet will stay dry.

6. How to stop runs in hosiery?

You probably already knew that you can fix runs in stockings and tights with hairspray, but did you know that you can use hairspray to stop runs happening in the first place? Prevention is better than a cure, as they say, so one of the great clothing hacks is to give your tights a light spray of hairspray before you go out, and even if you do catch your hosiery, it still won’t turn into an ugly run.

7. How to get chewing gum out of clothes?

Some revolting people do leave their gum where someone else could sit in it or get it on their clothes, and then you are left with a sticky mess. If you get gum on your clothes, one of fabulous clothing hacks that can help is to hold an ice cube over, and the cold will harden the gum and then you will be able to pick and scrape it off with a knife much easier.

8. How to remove a red wine stain?

When you get a drop of red wine on your white shirt, you don’t have to spend the rest of the evening trying to hide the stain. Just dab some white wine on the stain as soon as the spill happens and it will neutralise the red straight away. This little clothing hack also works on carpets too, but you need to do it when the red wine is still damp.

9. How to tuck jeans into boots?

If you’ve ever struggled with stuffing the legs of your jeans into tight boots, here’s one of great and simple clothing hacks for you: turn up the bottoms of your jeans to make them ankle length, make a fold in them, so that they wrap neatly around your leg and then put on a pair of long socks, over the top of your jeans. Your feet will slide easily into your boots and you won’t get uncomfortable bunches of fabric in your boots.

10. How to remove sweat stains from clothes?

When you get some of those nasty sweat stains in the armpits of your T-shirts, give them a spray of lemon juice before you wash your clothes. When you take them out of the wash, the stains will have disappeared.

What are your favourite clothing hacks?

Stay happy!

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