Top 10 summer gym bag essentials

What you carry in your gym bag becomes even more important in the summer, especially, if you want to go straight to the gym from the office, so here are ten gym bag essentials that will keep you hydrated, fuelled and ready for work, as well as some that are good to have all year round:

1. Refillable water bottle

It’s always important to stay hydrated, and even more so in the summer, but not everyone wants to drink from a water fountain; so one essential for many people is a reliable water container, preferably a glass bottle, not plastic; that way you can take your own drink or smoothie with you.

2. Post workout snacks

Pack some snacks for after your workout too, to replenish some of that energy you will have worked off. Keep it fresh and keep it simple; nuts and fruit make great and simple post workout snacks, or a natural, additive free energy bar.

3. A quick-dry towel

You might think that a towel is just a towel, but you’d be wrong! Try using quick-dry towels, for after gym use. They are much better for getting rid of moisture from your body and you won’t be stuffing a soggy towel back in your gym bag.

 4. 2-in-1 shower gel

Try and keep the clutter in your gym bag to a minimum by using a combination products, like a two in one shower gel. Freshen up and shampoo your hair with one product, it will save some space and some of that all-important weight.

5. Take the right shoes

Your shoes aren’t just a fashion statement, so be sure to buy the right kind for your workout. The type of shoe will be different, depending on the type of workout, so don’t just go for the prettiest pair, check with your local sports store to find the best ones, suited to your style of workout.

6. Sports bra

Depending on the amount of support that you need, an investment in a good quality sports bra can be well worth making. If you plan to go the gym daily, then buying, at least, two would be a good idea, so that one can be washed and drying, while you are wearing the other.

7. Something to read

Walking the treadmill can get boring, so a book, magazine or an e-reader can help to break the boredom. Not everyone is a fan of the channels that they show in most gyms and, anyway, it will give you the chance to catch up on a good book too.

8. Take your own music

Don’t forget your music streaming device and headphones. Music can be very important, especially, in a quiet gym where you don’t know many people. It will give you more motivation to keep going with your workout for longer. If you don’t have your favorite playlist just yet, then go to Youtube and type in search somethings like: ‘best workout playlist’ or ‘workout motivational playlist’, and enjoy the sport, while discovering some new funky tunes.

9. Heart rate monitor

You can get a lot more out of your workouts of you wear a heart monitor. When you use a monitor, you can accurately track, when you have reached a sufficient heart rate for weight loss and cardiovascular benefits. You can also see, if you are working out too hard.

10. A hanging toiletry bag

Hanging toiletry bags can be a real bonus in your gym bag. You can pack it full of travel-sized containers of shampoo and shower products, they have plenty of pockets and you don’t have to worry about putting them down on a bench, you can hang them in the shower or in your locker.

What are your summer gym bag essentials?

Stay happy!

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