How to increase your metabolism? 10 natural metabolism boosters

The word metabolism, is derived from the Greek word metabolē, which means ‘to change’ and it refers, in essence, to your body’s ability to change the food that you eat into the substances that your body needs to grow and to thrive and to transport those substances around your body. If you can boost your metabolism, you can increase the rate at which your body consumes food and turns it into energy, which is why boosting your metabolism can help you to lose weight. When your metabolism is lower, your body saves the food as fat and that is when you put on weight. The good news is that you can boost your metabolism through what you eat, by taking more exercise and in some other quite surprising ways too, so here are our top ten natural ways to boost your metabolism:

1. Drink plenty of water

One of the greatest and easiest to implement tips on how to increase your metabolism is – drink water. Regular readers will know that we have quite a thing about drinking water here, and here’s another reason why you should get your daily quota of H2O. If you don’t drink enough water, then your body will begin to focus its efforts on keeping you from dehydrating, rather than burning the fat, so drink plenty and your metabolism will increase.

2. Get enough sleep

Another tip on how to increase your metabolism is – get enough sleep. It makes perfect sense when you think about; if you are tired and sluggish all day, you will feel less like doing anything. When you get a good night’s sleep and you sleep deeply, not only will you have more energy the next day, but your body will also release more growth hormone, which speeds your metabolism up.

3. How to increase your metabolism? Get out in the fresh air

Just being out in the fresh air and sun will give your metabolism a boost, so go and sit in the park to eat your lunch and get away from your desk for an hour. The rest will do you good too.

4. Take a brisk walk

You should really be going for a walk every single day. It’s the easiest form of exercise that you can get and you need no gym or equipment. The best time for a walk is in the morning, before you go to work; walk for around 45 minutes at a reasonably brisk pace and that will boost your mood in the morning, as well as your metabolism.

5. Take a cold shower

Another tip on how to increase your metabolism is – take a cold shower. Switch your shower from hot to cold a few times to wake you and your metabolism up in the morning. It’s also good for your skin, as it increases the elasticity of skin as well and helps circulation.

6. Don’t skip breakfast!

Even when you are in a rush to get out, you shouldn’t skip breakfast all together. Your first meal of the day gets your metabolism for the rest of the day and, if you skip it, your body will think that it’s going into a period of famine, so will slow down and start to store up food in the form of fat! Be aware.

7. How to increase your metabolism? Drink green tea

Green tea is one of the best things that you can drink to speed up your metabolism. It is rich in antioxidants, which will kick start your metabolism and it contains a small amount of caffeine, that will speed up your system too. Apart from all that, it’s a great tasting and refreshing drink.

8. Eat grapefruit

How to increase your metabolism? Eat grapefruit. Grapefruit is packed full of vitamin C and it contains a healthy proportion of fiber too. Fiber not only helps your digestive system to work, but it also makes your body work harder to digest it, so it gives your metabolism boost as well.

9. Eat turkey

When you increase your muscle mass, it means that your body is using up the calories to feed those muscles, rather than storing up the calories around your waistline in form of love handles. For that muscle growth, you need protein and turkey is an ideal low fat source of protein.

10. Eat spicy food

Hot, spicy foods such as chillies contain capsaicin, that’s what gives it the heat, and eating capsaicin is like giving your metabolism a swift kick. It will increase your heart rate and your whole body will start to run at a higher pace, so you will burn off the calories faster.

How to increase your metabolism? Do you have some other tips? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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    These are great tips, I’ve been wanting to know about these. Thanks for sharing.

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    Good stuff

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