9 Secrets of fit girls that you should know about

What’s their secret? Do they live in a gym? Fit girls who always seem to be trim and never seem to have a problem fitting in their workouts have a few little secrets up their sleeves that we think you should know. So read on, here we share some of the top tips that those fit ladies know:

1. Fit girls beat the boredom

Following the same fitness regime day, after day, can be ‘oh so boring’ and will soon sap all your motivation. Try experimenting with different types of workouts instead and it will keep your interest. Fitness centers offer many different types of workouts or just do a little research of your own on Google. If you don’t like something that you try, just move on to another.

2. Go onwards and upwards

Obtaining fitness is achieved through a series of steps, not an overnight miracle, so set yourself reasonable targets, but each time you achieve one, set the bar a little higher next time. The challenge will keep you motivated and you will want to push on that extra step.

3. Don’t do it alone

If you haven’t got a friend who wants to join you in your exercise regime, then you can join a club or take classes. But avoid being a loner in all your workouts, the team spirit can drive you to do better and make the whole process a lot more fun.

4. Start with your head

Pump up your mind before you pump up your body and you will find exercising a lot easier and far more effective. Tell yourself ‘Win’ or shout ‘Go for it’ and really get yourself in the mood for success and you’ll be off to a flying start.

5. A little but often is better than none

You don’t need to blow yourself out with one, long, extended workout, taking more smaller sessions is just as effective. It’s easier to fit in with your daily schedule and you won’t get so bored either.

6. Fit girls measure the results

If weight loss is your goal, then weigh yourself regularly or if running a marathon is your aim, then track the miles that you are running. Whatever your aim is, keep a log of your progress, so if you ever become disheartened, you can look back and see how far you have come already for a little boost to your determination.

7. Fit girls keep it fun

Fitness needn’t be a chore, it should be enjoyable. Choose workouts that you enjoy or make it a social event by joining a club and don’t forget to give yourself a post workout treat as well, you deserve it!

8. Do it for you!

Be clear in your own mind why you are getting fit. It’s not because you have to or for someone else, it’s for you! If the benefits that fitness will bring you are for you personally, then you will find the drive that you need to succeed.

9. Fit girls eat well, they eat healthy

Fit girls don’t starve themselves. You need to have the energy to be able to get fit, so be sure to eat healthy meals regularly, so that you have the fuel for all that extra work or you will just not have the energy to achieve your goals.

What are your favorite fitness tips and secrets?

Stay healthy and happy!


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