How to boost your energy levels and workout naturally? 10 Energy boosting foods

There is far more to getting an energy boost, than downing some high caffeine energy drinks, when you feel tired, as that only gives you a temporary rush and can even be harmful for your heart and blood pressure. You need, instead, to look at a combination of foods that will give you both the initial energy boost that will sustain your energy levels over a longer period of time. Whether you are looking for an energy boost before your workout, or more energy to see you through the day, here are ten energy boosting foods for you to try:

1. Pumpkin seeds

Get an instant jolt of energy to help you through your workout with a handful of pumpkin seeds. They give you all you need for the extra boost with their natural protein, fiber and healthy fats, and they also contain zinc, magnesium and manganese all of which will give you extra energy.

2. Bananas

One of the most popular energy boosting foods is banana. The favored energy booster of professional sports men and women around the world, bananas are filled with potassium, which will take away any feelings of tiredness and lethargy, and the vitamin B-6, which is a water soluble vitamin, is also good for instant energy boost.

3. Trail mix

Trail mix, so called because it is an ideal food to carry with you when walking or hiking, is a good source of both long term and short term energy. The mix of fruit and nuts gives you carbohydrates, antioxidants and healthy fats, so try a handful just before a workout and you should notice in a difference in your energy levels within five minutes or so.

4. Popcorn

When you think popcorn, you probably think more about sitting and watching a movie more, than you would think about taking some exercise. But, choose the right kind of popcorn, the air popped kind and not the toffee coated kind, and it will provide you with an instant source of energy.

5. Avocado

Another one of popular energy boosting foods is avocado. Eat avocado, simply on its own, and it will give you an instant shot of healthy fats and potassium, that will get you going right away. Portable, healthy and it will fill you up too; avocado is a great natural, instant energy booster.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is also a part of our energy boosting foods list. You still have to watch the portion size, even with the darkest of chocolate, but the high levels of antioxidants in the dark version of chocolate will give your energy levels a quick boost.

7. Coconut water

How to boost your energy and workout naturally? Drink coconut water. When you need a quick boost of electrolytes, reach for some coconut water, rather than a pre bottled sports drink. Refreshing, healthy and natural, coconut water will soon boost up your energy levels again.

8. Goji berries


The Chinese have been using goji berries in medicine for thousands of years. They have found that the berries boost your energy levels and improve the release of hormones in your body. They will give you all the energy that you need for a workout and they will also increase your blood flow and get oxygen to your muscles more efficiently.

9. Honey

Honey is a delicious way to boost your energy. You can put it in drinks, add in your fruit salad, spread on some whole grain bread or eat it on rice cakes. It is a natural source of calories and sugar, for a quick burst of energy, and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties too.

10. Asparagus

The B vitamins in asparagus are needed by the body to turn carbohydrates into glucose, the fuel that your body needs. Add it to your lunchtime salad or soup and you feel the difference in your energy levels in the afternoon.

Do you have some other tips on how to boost your energy levels and workout naturally? What are your favorite energy boosting foods?

Feel free to share your thoughts and healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!


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