8 Different types of yoga classes for you to try

Yoga is said to be nearly as old, as civilization itself and there are pictures depicting people in yoga poses, dating as far back, as 3000BC. No wonder then, that there are actually many different types of yoga and the style of yoga can differ with different teachers and different locations. To choose the best style of yoga for you, there is no better way than giving it a try, but as a guide, here are eight of the most popular styles of yoga, to give you an idea:

1. Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa is one of the most popular forms of yoga. It is a general term that is used to describe a fast paced, flowing yoga and best suited for those who are not new to exercise. Vinyasa classes are often varied and they will cross various different schools of yoga; Vinyasa flow yoga is particularly good, if you would become bored with the same, repetitive poses, over and over again.

2. Hatha yoga

Hatha is a much slower form of yoga, in which you hold the poses for longer. This will be a much gentler class to follow, with no follow through from one pose to another and perfect for beginners, or if you are looking for an after work wind-down.

3. Ashtanga yoga

A much more physically demanding form of yoga, Ashtanga is commonly referred to as power yoga. It’s fast paced and intense, and it can take years to perfect; you will move gradually through a series of phases, as you become more proficient. Ashtanga is said to be very good for relieving stress, improving coordination and for weight loss.

4. Bikram yoga

Get ready to sweat, if you want to try Bikram yoga, because classes are held in rooms that are heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity! Classes last for 90 minutes and consist of 26 poses, broken by two breathing exercises, in between each pose.

5. Lyengar yoga

Lyengar yoga moves at a relatively slow pace and is suitable for beginners and those with mobility issues. Lyengar focuses on alignment and there is a lot of attention to detail. Most poses use props, such as chairs, straps, blocks and blankets and the poses are often held for longer, than in other types of yoga classes.

6. Jivamukti yoga

Jivamukti, which means liberation while living, is a fast paced mix of vinyasa flow, chanting with a spiritual emphasis. There is a great emphasis made in the classes on spirituality and showing kindness to all beings and there is a heavy emphasis on the virtues of a vegetarian diet too. Perhaps not for you, if you are an ardent lover of steak!

7. Kripalu yoga

Kripalu is a gentle, slow flow yoga that is ideal for beginners. The emphasis, with Kripalu, is on moving at a pace that suits you and the practice is focussed on meditation, spiritual transformation and on physical healing.

8. Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is centered on the linking of breath and movement. The idea is to enable the releasing of energy from the lower body, by sending it upward. A very meditative and spiritual form of yoga, Kundalini is ideal for anyone looking for a deeper spiritual connection with their yoga practice, but may not be suitable for people who think that it might conflict with their own spiritual beliefs.

What are your favorite types of yoga classes?

Stay beautiful and happy!

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