10 Useful tips on what to wear at the gym

It’s not always easy deciding what to wear at the gym. You want to look good, but it’s also got to be practical. Do you go for the latest gym ‘in thing’, or do you just dress in something more comfortable? Here are ten useful tips to help you decide what to wear at the gym.

1. Don’t follow the trends

There’s always some new trend in gym-wear, but don’t be tempted to just follow everyone else. Some of the trends turn out to be completely impractical, and it will cost you a small fortune keeping up with them all anyway.

2. Don’t wear 100% cotton

Cotton may seem a good idea, because it is so comfortable to wear, but it also absorbs moisture very quickly. Cotton fabrics will stick to your body and they will take a long time to dry; so what to wear at the gym? It’s better to opt for quick drying synthetic fabrics instead.

3. Buy the right kind of bra

You need to be comfortable when working out and not feel self-conscious, so it’s important that you buy a good sports bra. A good bra will provide you with the support you need, so that you can work out to the max, without straining tissue and ligaments.

4. Don’t overdo it with make-up

Most people follow this anyway, but some women do still pile on the makeup before a trip to the gym. If you work out with a full face of makeup, you will only be worrying about how it looks all the time and it will make you sweat more and clog your pores.

5. Don’t wear baggy clothes

Another tip on what to wear at the gym is to avoid baggy clothes. Baggy clothes can be dangerous in a gym, because they can get caught up in equipment. Baggy clothing can also be a bit too revealing, when it rides up while you are exercising, so go for well-fitting clothes that will give you more freedom of movement.

6. Think about the shoes

Next tip on what to wear at the gym is to chose good gym shoes. The shoes that you wear to the gym are far more important than you may have realised. They can help you stay balanced, run better and support your arches properly. Don’t leave it until your gym shoes have holes in the soles either, because worn out gym shoes are just as bad as the wrong type of shoes.

7. Put away the jewellery

What to wear at the gym? Another no-no for the gym is any jewellery that hangs or swings about, and even rings can get in the way or pinch painfully too. Leave the jewellery at home, it will only get damaged or, damage you, if you wear it to the gym.

8. Test out your kit at home

It’s always best to try out your gym clothes and shoes at home, before you get to the gym. You don’t want to find that something doesn’t fit, or is uncomfortable, halfway through a workout.

9. Don’t moisturise before you workout

Avoid using thick lotions of any kind before a trip to the gym. It’s difficult to hang on to equipment when your hands are all greasy, and it can leave some horrible residue behind on benches too.

10. Dress to motivate

Whatever type of clothing you choose to wear the gym, dress in a way that will motivate you. If you know you look good then, you will feel more like putting in the extra effort, and staying the extra ten minutes. Half the battle in workouts is physiological and clothes can go a long way toward giving you that physiological boost that you might need to go the extra mile.

What to wear at the gym? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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  1. John Mahoney
    January 12, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Thank you for talking about not wearing cotton clothes at the gym. It is important to remember that wearing something that can allow you to move freely so you can get the most out of your routine is important. I would want to make sure I understand what the dress codes are so I avoid any awkward confrontations.

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